Name : Zotope Nectar 4 Advanced

Size : 2.48 GB

Download Zotope Nectar 4 Advanced Mac v4.0.1

Nectar 4 is a comprehensive suite of vocal mixing tools aimed at enhancing, producing, and designing vocals. It introduces new modules such as Auto-Level, Voices for layering vocals, Backer for background singers, and Vocal Assistant for efficient and robust vocal processing, providing full control over vocal sound.

Here are the key features and updates in Nectar 4:

New Features in Nectar 4:

  1. Reference Capability: Audiolens compatibility enables tonal matching for any vocal sound. Separate vocals from a reference track to gain valuable information for initiating your vocal mix.
  2. Voices Module: The Voices module allows for the creation of complex vocal layers without requiring in-depth knowledge of voice-leading and harmony. Users can choose presets close to their desired sound and further tweak them to fit their preferences.
  3. Auto Level Module (ALM): Acting as an intelligent and transparent alternative to compressors, ALM maintains consistent vocal levels without introducing unwanted artifacts, offering a clean and natural sound. It helps manage vocal levels effortlessly when placed at the start of the signal chain.
  4. Backer Module: Create background singers that complement the main vocal by selecting from eight different styles or importing custom acapellas, allowing further customization. Ideal for adding background vocals, spicing up demos, manipulating ad-libs creatively, or creating new vocal tracks.
  5. Nectar Advanced Plugins: This advanced suite provides powerful new plugins that integrate with DAWs, allowing users to build custom vocal chains for every aspect of their production.
  6. Vocal Assistant Update: Vocal Assistant features a user-friendly interface for making straightforward and impactful decisions in vocal production without delving into intricate mixing details.

System Requirements:

  • AU, AAX, VST3 formats (64-bit only)
  • Operating Systems: Windows 10, Windows 11
  • DAWs/NLEs: Logic Pro 10.7, Live 11, Cubase 12, Pro Tools 2023, Studio One 6, FL Studio 21, REAPER 6, Cakewalk by Bandlab, Audition 2023, Davinci Resolve 18.5, Reason 12.5, Nuendo 12.

For more information and access to Nectar 4, visit the official homepage: iZotope – Nectar

Nectar 4 offers a range of features and modules that simplify vocal processing, from creating layers and background singers to ensuring consistency and fine-tuning vocals, making it a powerful tool for vocal production in various music genres.