Name : Valentina Studio Pro

Size : 167 MB

Valentina Studio Pro for Mac free Download

Valentina Studio: The Ultimate Database Management Tool

Valentina Studio is a comprehensive data management tool designed for database administrators. Packed with a wide array of features, it offers powerful database administration tools to streamline your workflow. With the option to upgrade to Valentina Studio Pro, you can unlock advanced data modeling tools, report design capabilities, and more.

Key Features:

  1. Schema Editor:
  • Create and modify all schema objects including tables, views, fields, constraints, triggers, and more.
  • Utilize tree view and column view for easy navigation and editing.
  1. Diagram Editor:
  • Design new diagrams or perform reverse engineering to explore existing databases visually.
  • Visualize database structures and relationships for better understanding.
  1. Data Editor:
  • Browse table records, modify data, and perform inline edits with ease.
  • Sort, filter, and preview images directly within the editor.
  1. Related Data Editor:
  • Manage linked records between two tables effortlessly.
  • Perform set operations over linked records with a few clicks.
  1. SQL Editor:
  • Write and execute SQL queries with syntax highlighting, auto-completion, and error reporting.
  • Access recent and saved favorite queries for quick reference.
  1. Query Editor:
  • Build SQL queries visually using intuitive controls.
  • Create complex queries with just a few mouse clicks.
  1. Server Admin:
  • Manage users, logs, and server parameters conveniently from one interface.
  1. Additional Utilities:
  • Import/export data, diagnose issues, clone databases, and more.
  • Open multiple editors simultaneously for different databases/servers.

Valentina Studio Pro Features (In-App Purchase):

  • Report Editor: Design and edit Valentina Reports with support for various datasources.
  • Form Editor: Create and customize Valentina Forms for enhanced data visualization.
  • Data Editor Enhancements: Go to parent record function, multiple update, and layout customization.
  • Data Transfer: Copy data between different databases seamlessly.
  • And many more advanced features for power users.

Compatibility: macOS 10.13 or later

Mac App Store: Valentina Studio on Mac App Store

Valentina Studio is your go-to solution for efficient and comprehensive database management on macOS. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced database administrator, Valentina Studio’s intuitive interface and powerful tools will help you streamline your workflow and optimize your database operations.