Name : TinkerTool System 8.88

Size : 22 MB

Download TinkerTool System for Mac 8.88 (231116)

TinkerTool System is a utility application designed to assist users in performing advanced administration tasks on Apple Macintosh computers. It provides access to various system utility features and advanced settings that are not typically available through the standard graphical user interface. Here are some key features and functions of TinkerTool System:

  1. Built-in Maintenance Features: Access macOS maintenance features that are not readily visible in the graphical user interface. These features help in optimizing and maintaining the system.
  2. Extended File Operations: Perform file operations beyond what is available in the macOS Finder, allowing for advanced file management.
  3. Access to Advanced System Settings: Access system settings that are not visible in the standard System Preferences application, providing more control over the system configuration.
  4. Unique TinkerTool System Features: Includes features designed to resolve real-world problems and fix certain defects in the operating system. It serves as a toolbox for system administrators.
  5. Emergency Troubleshooting Tool: Provides an emergency tool for troubleshooting and repairing macOS in situations where the graphical user interface is not starting correctly or the system administrator’s user account is damaged.
  6. Hardware and System Information: Collect advanced information about the hardware, operating system, and applications for diagnostic purposes.

TinkerTool System, along with its companion program TinkerTool, serves as a substitute for various types of system utilities, including Finder enhancers, cache cleaners, script tools, preference settings access tools, uninstallers, and more.

Compatibility: macOS 13.0 or later

For more information and downloads, you can visit the official TinkerTool System website.