Name : TG Pro (Temperature Gauge Pro)

Size : 13 MB

Download TG Pro (Temperature Gauge Pro) Mac v2.88

Temperature Gauge Pro Overview:

Temperature Gauge Pro is a comprehensive utility designed for Mac users to monitor and manage their system’s temperature parameters effectively. This feature-rich application provides real-time temperature readings, manual fan control, diagnostics, and notifications to ensure optimal performance and prevent overheating. Compatible with various Mac devices, including laptops and desktops, Temperature Gauge Pro offers essential tools for temperature management.

Key Features:

  1. Temperature Monitoring:
  • Displays current and maximum recorded temperatures for each sensor in the Mac system.
  • Allows users to choose temperature readings in either Celsius or Fahrenheit, providing flexibility based on user preferences.
  1. Fan Speed Control:
  • Empowers users with manual control over fan speeds, enabling adjustments for optimal cooling.
  • Introduces Auto Boost functionality, automatically increasing fan speeds when specific temperature thresholds are reached, ensuring proactive temperature management.
  1. Diagnostics:
  • Incorporates built-in diagnostics tools to identify and address issues related to faulty fans and temperature sensors.
  1. Notifications:
  • Sends notifications through popular services such as the Notification Center or Growl, keeping users informed when temperature thresholds are met or when Auto Boost is activated.
  1. Logging:
  • Provides logging capabilities, recording temperature information to a CSV file. This feature facilitates easy graphing in external applications, offering users a visual representation of temperature trends.
  1. Compatibility:
  • Ensures compatibility with all Mac devices, supporting both laptops and desktops.

System Requirements:

  • macOS 10.13 or later

Temperature Gauge Pro stands as a powerful and user-friendly solution, offering a comprehensive set of tools for monitoring, controlling, and diagnosing temperature-related issues on Mac devices. With its real-time data, customizable controls, and diagnostic capabilities, users can proactively manage their system’s temperature and maintain optimal performance.