Name : Techtool Pro 19.0.2 Build

Size : 316.5 MB

Techtool Pro 19.0.2 Build 8972 for Mac free Download

Techtool Pro 15 is a professional-grade Mac toolkit designed to keep your Mac running at its best. Whether you’re a single user or supporting multiple Macintosh users, Techtool Pro offers a comprehensive set of tools to ensure the optimal performance and health of your Mac.

Here are some of the key features and improvements in Techtool Pro 15:

  1. macOS Monterey Compatibility: Techtool Pro 15 has been fully updated and optimized to support macOS 12, Monterey, ensuring compatibility with the latest operating system from Apple. It also supports both Apple Silicon and Intel Macs.
  2. SMART Support for External Drives: Improved and updated drivers allow for reading SMART data on external drives, providing valuable insights into the health of your external storage devices.
  3. Internal Improvements: Techtool Pro 15 continues to receive internal improvements to support the latest Mac hardware and software updates, as well as enhancements to the tests and tools available within the software.
  4. Check Computer Suites: Customize test suites to meet your specific needs, whether you require a comprehensive full suite of tests or a quick check of your Mac’s hardware health. Create custom test suites or choose from built-in options like Full, Intermediate, or Quick suites.
  5. Emergency Startup Disk: Techtool Pro’s eDrive functionality serves as an emergency startup disk, allowing you to troubleshoot and repair your main startup disk if it becomes unresponsive or damaged.
  6. Techtool Protogo: Create a bootable diagnostic device using Techtool Protogo, which includes Techtool Pro and additional utilities for diagnosing and repairing Macintosh computers.
  7. Advanced Memory Testing: Techtool Pro offers comprehensive memory testing capabilities, ensuring the reliability and stability of your Mac’s memory.
  8. Drive Testing and Repair: Detect and repair drive problems before they lead to data loss using Techtool Pro’s drive testing and repair tools. Support for various drive formats, including APFS, MS-DOS (FAT32), and ExFAT, ensures compatibility with different storage devices.
  9. Battery Testing: Test the battery health of your Mac, iPhone, and iPad devices, providing valuable insights into battery performance and condition.
  10. Techtool Protection: Monitor your Mac’s trash and back up directory structures to prevent data loss. Techtool Protection helps safeguard important files and directories from accidental deletion.

Techtool Pro 15 offers a wide range of features and tools to keep your Mac running smoothly and efficiently, making it an essential toolkit for Mac users and IT professionals alike.

Compatibility: macOS 10.11 or later.