Name : SQLPro for SQLite

Size : 26 MB

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SQLPro for SQLite is an advanced SQLite editor that offers an easy-to-navigate interface for performing basic to advanced database tasks. It features syntax highlighting, query intellisense/auto-complete, advanced multi-query execution, theme customization, and more.

Key Features:

  1. Syntax Highlighting and Query Intellisense:
  • Provides syntax highlighting for improved code readability.
  • Query intellisense and auto-complete features enhance query writing efficiency.
  1. Advanced Multi-Query Execution:
  • Supports the execution of multiple queries simultaneously.
  • Streamlines the execution of complex database operations.
  1. Theme Customization:
  • Offers multiple included themes.
  • Allows users to design and customize their own themes for a personalized experience.
  1. Automatic External Change Detection:
  • Reloads a database automatically when modified outside of SQLPro.
  • Ensures real-time synchronization with external changes.
  1. Version Integration:
  • Supports version control, allowing users to rollback to a previous database version.
  • Provides flexibility in managing and reverting changes.
  1. Runtime Loadable Extension Support:
  • Enables the loading of runtime extensions for additional functionalities.
  1. Export Options:
  • Export data to CSV, MySQL, XML, or JSON formats.
  • Facilitates sharing and analyzing data in different formats.
  1. Backwards Compatibility with SQLite 2:
  • Ensures compatibility with SQLite 2 for legacy applications.
  1. Fullscreen Support:
  • Supports fullscreen mode for an immersive working environment.
  1. Column Reordering:
    • Allows users to rearrange columns for better organization.
  2. Inline Filters:
    • Customizable inline filters to display data according to user preferences.


  • macOS 10.13 or later.

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