Name : Soulver

Size : 26 MB

Download Soulver 3.9.1 for Mac

Soulver 3 is a versatile notepad and calculator app for macOS that allows you to perform calculations and work with numbers in a natural and intuitive way. It combines the functionality of a text editor and a calculator to simplify various mathematical tasks. Here are some key features and capabilities of Soulver 3:

Math Features:

  • Instant calculations: You can perform calculations without the need for the equals sign, making it more intuitive.
  • Use words alongside numbers to create human-readable calculations.
  • Calculate totals and subtotals of multiple lines.
  • Calendar calculations, such as adding or subtracting dates and times.
  • Easily calculate percentages, unit conversions, and currency conversions.
  • Access to live real-world and cryptocurrency exchange rates for up-to-date calculations.
  • Line references allow you to build documents with interconnected calculations.
  • Support for variables and auto-completion for variable names.
  • Global variables and custom units for customized calculations.

App Features:

  • Dark mode support for a comfortable interface in low-light environments.
  • A sidebar for organizing and managing your sheets and calculations.
  • Support for headings, comments, and labels to structure your documents.
  • Customize syntax coloring and fonts to suit your preferences.
  • Automatic number formatting with spaces around operators and thousand separators.
  • Number scrubbing: Hold Shift and hover over a number to adjust it.
  • Integration with macOS features, including Touch Bar support, Quick Look, and Calculate anywhere services.
  • Automation tools: Command-line interface, Alfred workflow, and Automator action for integrating Soulver into your workflow.

What’s New in Version 3.00:
Soulver 3 introduces numerous new features and improvements, including:

  • Redesigned user interface with dark mode support and a sidebar for managing sheets.
  • Enhanced calculator capabilities, including calendar calculations, proportion functions, and Unix time calculations.
  • Improved organization with folder support, trash for recovering deleted files, and sorting options.
  • Variables enhancements, including auto-complete, variable redeclaration, and shift-hover for variable values.
  • Editing improvements like scrubbable numbers, auto-thousands separator insertion, and QuickOperators.
  • Touch Bar support for quick access to operators and functions.
  • Custom unit support, additional scientific units, and better answer formatting.
  • Support for 16 popular cryptocurrencies and improved unit calculations.
  • Enhanced lines and references management, including rearranging and deleting lines.
  • Automation tools like the command-line interface, URL schemes, and Automator actions.
  • Various miscellaneous improvements, including locale conversion, JSON-based file format, and more.

Soulver 3 is designed to provide an efficient and user-friendly way to perform calculations and work with numbers, making it a valuable tool for various tasks, including financial calculations, conversions, and more.