Name : RevisionFX Twixtor Pro

Size : 16 MB

RevisionFX Twixtor pro for Mac free Download

Twixtor: Advanced Motion Estimation Plugin
Twixtor is an advanced motion estimation plugin designed to enhance the quality of slow-motion footage in video editing projects. By leveraging sophisticated algorithms, Twixtor provides more accurate motion tracking, allowing for smoother slow-motion effects with fewer artifacts.

Key Features:

  1. Enhanced Accuracy:
  • Twixtor offers superior accuracy in motion estimation compared to standard methods, resulting in smoother slow-motion footage.
  1. Extended Object Tracking:
  • The plugin can track objects farther and more accurately, even when they cross the scene or go out of the frame. This reduces tearing and stretching artifacts in slow-motion sequences.
  1. Artifact Reduction:
  • Twixtor minimizes artifacts commonly associated with slow-motion effects, ensuring a higher-quality final output.
  1. Less Tearing and Stretching:
  • Objects crossing the scene or leaving the frame experience less tearing and stretching, resulting in more natural-looking motion.


  • Twixtor is compatible with various video editing software, providing seamless integration into existing workflows.


Twixtor is a powerful tool for filmmakers, video editors, and motion graphics artists who want to achieve professional-quality slow-motion effects in their projects. With its advanced motion estimation capabilities and artifact reduction features, Twixtor raises the bar for motion effects in video editing.