Name : Red Giant Magic Bullet Suite

Size : 553 MB

Download Red Giant Magic Bullet Suite 2024.0 Mac

Magic Bullet Suite 14 is a comprehensive set of plugins designed to enhance and improve the look of your video footage directly on your editing timeline. It offers a wide range of tools for color correction, stylization, skin retouching, noise reduction, and more. Here are some key features and components of Magic Bullet Suite 14:

Components and Tools:

  1. Colorista: Balance and adjust the color of your footage with powerful color correction tools. Create custom looks and enhance the visual appeal of your videos.
  2. Denoiser III: Reduce video noise and clean up footage shot in low-light conditions or at high ISO settings. Preserve details while eliminating unwanted noise.
  3. Mojo II: Add a cinematic and stylized look to your footage with Mojo II. Achieve the sophisticated color palettes and contrast found in big-budget movies.
  4. Cosmo II: Enhance the appearance of skin tones, reduce wrinkles, and remove blemishes quickly and easily. Achieve natural-looking results for your talent.
  5. Renoiser: Reintroduce subtle texture and natural film grain to your footage, giving it an authentic and unprocessed look.
  6. Film: Simulate the look of real film stocks and add cinematic grain and vignettes to your videos. Create the aesthetics of classic movies.
  7. Magic Bullet Looks: A powerful and versatile tool for creating custom looks and color grading. Choose from a variety of presets based on popular movies and TV shows.


  • macOS 10.11 or later
  • Adobe Creative Cloud (2017 – 2021)

Magic Bullet Suite 14 is a valuable asset for video editors and filmmakers looking to enhance the visual quality of their projects. Whether you need to perform color correction, stylization, skin retouching, or noise reduction, this suite of tools provides intuitive and real-time solutions directly within your editing workflow. For more information and access to Magic Bullet Suite, you can visit the official website: Red Giant – Magic Bullet Suite.