Name : QuarkXPress 2024

Size 1.5 GB

Download QuarkXPress 2024 for Mac free

QuarkXPress 2024 for macOS

QuarkXPress is a page layout software designed for print and digital design, providing creative professionals with the tools to unleash their creativity and maximize productivity. With a history dating back to 1987, QuarkXPress has been a staple for graphic design and desktop publishing, offering power, speed, and reliability for content design. Here are some key features of QuarkXPress 2024:

Key Features:

  1. Page Layout:
  • Produce stunning page layouts for any medium, whether it’s print or digital.
  1. Graphics & Illustrations:
  • Refine graphics and illustrations on the digital canvas to enhance visual elements.
  1. Photo Editing:
  • Correct, enhance, and fine-tune images directly within QuarkXPress.
  1. Digital Publishing:
  • Convert print publications to responsive digital layouts with no HTML-coding skills required.
  1. Long Document Support:
  • Increased number of pages in a project from 2,000 to 10,000 in QuarkXPress 2024 to support long document creation.
  1. Hunspell Spell Checker Integration:
  • QuarkXPress 2024 offers the Hunspell spell checking engine in addition to the Dieckmann one, providing more options for spell checking.
  1. Convert a Book to an ePub:
  • Merge all print layout projects and export a Book as a Reflow ePub in QuarkXPress 2024.

Minimum System Requirements for QuarkXPress 2024 on macOS:

  • macOS 14.x (Sonoma), macOS 13.x (Ventura), and macOS 12.x (Monterey)


QuarkXPress continues to be a go-to solution for creative professionals in graphic design and desktop publishing. For more detailed information about its features, capabilities, and to download the software, you can visit the official homepage: QuarkXPress.