Name : Pro Microphone

Size : 67 MB

Pro Microphone for Mac free Download

Pro Microphone is a versatile voice and music recording studio designed for beginner singers or anyone looking to enhance their vocal recordings. With a variety of microphone types and effects, as well as features for recording and editing, Pro Microphone offers a professional studio experience right on your Mac. Here are some key features of Pro Microphone:

Key Features:

  • Various Mic Types: Choose from dynamic, stage, valve, condenser, and other microphone types, each offering unique sound effects. Detailed information about each mic, including its frequency response, is provided.
  • Recording and Looping: Record vocals and music with multiple slots for recordings and loops. Experiment with different backing tracks to enhance your recordings.
  • Custom Backing Tracks: Easily import your own backing tracks by dragging and dropping files into the app. Edit tracks as needed to customize your recordings.
  • New Features: The latest version of the app includes a how-to-use tutorial to help you get started, cloud storage for saving your recordings, and bug fixes for improved performance.


  • Pro Microphone is compatible with macOS 10.15 or later, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of Mac systems.

Experience the convenience of a professional recording studio right on your Mac with Pro Microphone. Visit the homepage for more information and to download the application.