Name : PatterNodes

Size : 18 MB

Download PatterNodes Mac V- 3.2.3

PatterNodes is a robust tool dedicated to creating graphical patterns, illustrations, gradients, or animations through a series of repetitions. It functions by defining a sequence of steps, essentially a recipe, to describe the pattern. Each operation or pattern element is represented by a node panel, and connections between these nodes form the process. This interface offers a more flexible and dynamic approach compared to traditional Illustrator-type editors.

The software provides numerous advantages over conventional design tools, allowing for a different way of thinking while offering significant benefits:

  1. Flexible Interface: Nodes are linked and combined freely, enabling users to instantly modify any aspect of the pattern through sliders. Changes to color, spacing, scaling, rotation, or repetition count can be made without having to undo or redo steps.
  2. Real-Time Preview: The pattern tile is continuously displayed in the bottom preview view, updating in real time with any alterations, providing immediate feedback on the end result.
  3. Convenient Features: PatterNodes comes with various nodes that automate common tasks, such as making patterns seamless by repeating elements at tile edges, or adding an element of randomness to different pattern aspects for more dynamic results.
  4. Export Options: Finished patterns can be copied into other illustration or graphics applications or exported as vector graphics or bitmap image files. Animations can be exported in multiple formats, including GIF, QuickTime MOV, or numbered PNG or JPG files.

Compatibility: macOS 10.14 or later

To explore PatterNodes further or to access the software, visit the homepage.