Name : NCH PicoPDF Plus

Size : 7.9 MB

NCH PicoPDF Plus for Mac free Download for Mac

The PDF Editor offered by NCH Software provides comprehensive features for editing PDF documents, making it one of the best PDF editors on the market. Here are some of its key features:

  1. Edit Text: Easily edit existing text in your PDF documents or add new text as needed. This feature allows you to make changes to the content of your PDF files quickly and efficiently.
  2. Text and Graphics Rearrangement: Rearrange both text and graphics within your PDF documents to achieve the desired layout and formatting.
  3. Notes and Comments: Add notes and comments to your PDF documents for collaboration or reference purposes. This feature enables you to provide feedback or additional information directly within the PDF file.
  4. Image Management: Delete or move embedded images within your PDF files, allowing you to customize the visual elements of your documents.
  5. Add Images: Insert new images into your PDF documents to enhance their visual appeal or provide additional context.
  6. Fillable Forms: Type into blank spaces within PDF forms to fill them out electronically. This feature simplifies the process of completing forms and documents.
  7. Digital Signatures: Add a digital signature to your PDF files for authentication and security purposes. This feature allows you to sign documents electronically without the need for printing or scanning.
  8. Offline Editing: The PDF Editor works offline, meaning you can edit your documents without an internet connection. This ensures flexibility and convenience, especially in situations where internet access may be limited.
  9. Local Editing: Edit your PDF documents locally on your computer, eliminating the need to upload sensitive documents to online platforms for editing.

Overall, NCH Software’s PDF Editor offers a user-friendly interface and robust features for editing PDF documents efficiently. Whether you need to make minor text edits, rearrange content, or add signatures, this PDF editor provides the tools you need to accomplish your tasks effectively.

For more information and to download the PDF Editor, you can visit the official homepage: NCH Software PDF Editor Homepage