Name : Native SQLite Manager

Size : 71 MB

Native SQLite Manager for Mac free Download

Native SQLite Manager is a minimalist SQLite database manager designed for macOS. Here are some key features of the application:

Application Features:

  • Support for Multiple Versions: Native SQLite Manager supports many versions of SQLite, allowing users to work with databases created with different versions of SQLite.
  • SQLCipher Support: It also supports SQLCipher, providing encryption capabilities for SQLite databases.
  • SQLite Extensions: The application supports SQLite extensions, offering additional functionalities to enhance database management.
  • Autocompletion and Syntax Highlighting: Enjoy autocompletion and syntax highlighting features to improve coding efficiency and accuracy.
  • Customizable Themes: Users can customize the appearance of the application by choosing from various themes to suit their preferences.
  • SQL Formatter: Format SQL queries for better readability and organization.
  • Export and Import Data: Export data from SQLite databases to formats such as CSV, JSON, and XML. Additionally, import data from CSV files into SQLite databases.
  • Minimalist Interface: The interface is designed to be minimalist, focusing on essential database management features without unnecessary additions.


  • Native SQLite Manager is compatible with macOS 10.15 or later.

Experience efficient SQLite database management with Native SQLite Manager. Visit the Mac App Store for more information and to download the application.