Name : Modern CSV

Size : 25.7 MB

Download Modern CSV for Mac V-2.0.4

Modern CSV 2.0.4 is a feature-rich CSV (Comma-Separated Values) document editor designed for efficient and professional handling of CSV files on macOS. Here are some of the key features of Modern CSV:

  1. Quick Editing:
  • Multi-cell editing for efficient data manipulation.
  • Duplicate rows, columns, and cells.
  • Move rows, columns, and cells.
  • Insert and delete rows and columns.
  1. Large File Handling:
  • Efficiently handle large CSV files with billions of lines.
  • Read-only mode for enhanced file handling.
  • Load files up to 11 times faster than Excel.
  1. Find and Arrange Your Data:
  • Find and replace with regex, highlighting matching, whole cell matching, etc.
  • Sort rows or columns in ascending or descending order.
  • Filter rows or columns based on specific criteria.
  1. Customizable to Your Needs:
  • Light and dark themes for personalized visual preferences.
  • Set keyboard shortcuts according to your liking.
  • Customize settings, including cell sizes, row/column shading, text font, etc.

Modern CSV provides a user-friendly and efficient environment for working with CSV documents, offering a range of tools for data manipulation and organization. Whether you’re dealing with small or large CSV files, Modern CSV aims to streamline the editing process.


  • macOS

For more information or to download Modern CSV, you can visit the official website.

Download Modern CSV for Mac V-2.0.4