Name : Guitar Pro

Size : 1.08 GB

Download Mac software Guitar Pro 8.1.1-17

Guitar Pro 8 is a comprehensive software tool designed for guitarists and musicians. It offers a wide range of features to help you learn, create, and edit guitar tabs, and it’s widely used for composing songs, transcribing music, and sharing tabs with other musicians. Here’s an overview of its key features and specifications:

Key Features:

  1. Play Accompanied: You can play your favorite songs accompanied by the score, allowing you to learn and practice songs effectively.
  2. Create and Edit Scores: Guitar Pro 8 provides numerous editing tools for creating and editing scores. This includes features like scale and chord diagrams.
  3. Sound Customization: The software offers the ability to play with more than 100 different instruments, including guitars, basses, and drums, allowing you to create your own tabs.
  4. Customize Tabs: You can create professionally designed sheet music for your songbooks or for teaching purposes.
  5. Sharing: Guitar Pro files are widely used and shared among musicians and guitarists worldwide, making it easy to collaborate and share your music.
  6. Tablatures Editor: Guitar Pro is known for its robust tablature editing capabilities, allowing you to compose complete songs, transcribe music, and create educational content.
  7. Audio Integration: You can import audio tracks into your project to create realistic backing tracks, making transcription and practice easier.
  8. Audio Engine and Sound Options: Guitar Pro 8 supports emulating more than 100 instruments, and it offers a virtual effects chain to fine-tune your sound.
  9. Layout Options: Create professionally-looking sheet music with various layout options to edit your own songbooks and share your work.
  10. Collaboration and Sharing: Guitar Pro 8 supports the most popular file extensions and allows you to download and access thousands of free tablatures on the internet. It’s useful for music teachers, bands, solo artists, composers, and students.
  11. mySongBook Scores Library: Access thousands of quality scores made by professional transcribers. Subscribe to get access to full scores with tracks for various instruments.

What’s New in Guitar Pro 8:

  • Add an audio file to your scores, allowing you to play along with songs or backing tracks.
  • Practice along with an audio file and synchronize it with your score.
  • Easily create and edit transcriptions by synchronizing audio with your tabs.
  • Create volume contrast between tracks with the Focus/Unfocus track feature.
  • Utilize the visual metronome and countdown for rhythm practice.
  • Lock the sound of the line-in to maintain the same sound across tracks.
  • Customize your effects chain and mastering with the new pedalboard.
  • Fine-tune note duration, offset, and velocity for precise scoring.
  • Adjust the sound of each drum element separately.
  • Pre-listen to sound presets while playing your tabs.
  • Many layout and design options to improve the quality of your scores.
  • Collaborate with other musicians and share your work efficiently.

Guitar Pro 8 is compatible with macOS 10.13 or later and supports both Apple Silicon and Intel Core processors. It offers a wide range of features for guitarists, composers, and musicians, making it a versatile tool for tablature creation and music transcription. You can find more information and download options on the Guitar Pro homepage.