Name : Live Home 3D Pro

Size : 487 MB

Download Live Home 3D Pro 4.8 for Mac

Live Home 3D Pro is a comprehensive and feature-rich home design application suitable for homeowners and professional designers. It allows users to create detailed 2D floor plans, visualize their designs in real-time 3D rendering, and manage various aspects of home design. Here are some of its key features:


  • Create detailed 2D floor plans.
  • Real-time 3D rendering for visualizing designs.
  • Unlimited floor levels (Pro edition only).
  • Extensive collection of video tutorials.
  • Built-in Help Assistant and quick tech support.
  • Project Gallery with house projects and sample rooms.
  • Native support for Live Interior 3D projects.

Floor Plan Tools:

  • Draw complete rooms using the Room tool.
  • Utilize Arc and Straight Wall tools for drawing walls.
  • Elevation view (Pro edition only).
  • Vector-based 2D representation for furniture with “Auto outline.”
  • Real-time measurements for walls, ceilings, and floors in 2D Plan view.
  • Smart Dimension tool for precise positioning.
  • Smart guides and object snapping for accurate placement.

Real-Time 3D Environment:

  • Make adjustments to lighting, add and move objects, apply materials, and more in real-time 3D.
  • Changes made in 2D or 3D are rendered instantly in 3D.
  • Walk through your 3D interior.
  • Field of view (FOV) and parallel camera projection (Pro edition only).
  • Set multiple cameras to view the project from different angles.
  • Achieve natural lighting by configuring the Geo position, daytime, and weather conditions.
  • Adjust light fixtures for realistic lighting.
  • Create corner windows and complex openings.
  • Level of details tool for optimizing 3D objects.
  • Professional Shadow Map technique for natural-looking shadows.

3D Models and Materials:

  • Over 2,000 furniture and other models.
  • Seamless import of models from Trimble 3D Warehouse (formerly Google 3D Warehouse).
  • Edit furniture in SketchUp (Pro edition only).
  • More than 2,100 supplied materials.
  • Drag and drop images from Finder to apply custom materials.
  • Advanced material editor (Pro edition only).
  • Specify material tile size for accurate material estimation.
  • Import objects in various formats (SketchUp, COLLADA, KMZ, FBX, OBJ, 3DS).
  • Block tool for drawing balconies, porches, and more (Pro edition only).

Roofs and Dormers:

  • Roof Assistant with 12 customizable roof templates.
  • Custom-shaped roofs (Pro edition only).
  • Add custom segments for full roof customization.
  • 16 customizable dormers.

Export and Share:

  • Share designs to social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Vimeo, YouTube).
  • Export 3D views to various image formats.
  • Share 360° Panorama JPEG images.
  • Create realistic video walkthroughs.
  • Export projects or objects to COLLADA, Trimble SketchUp, VRML, X3D, 3DS, FBX, USDZ, and OBJ formats (Pro edition only).


  • macOS 10.14 or later

Live Home 3D Pro is a versatile tool for creating and visualizing home designs with precision and flexibility. For more information and to explore the features in detail, you can visit the official website: Live Home 3D.