Name : JSON Wizard

Size : 7 MB

Download JSON Wizard 2.0 for Mac

JSON Wizard is a versatile tool designed for viewing and editing JSON files as well as importing and exporting various file formats like XML, YAML, PLIST, and CSV. The application provides users with the capability to access the source code directly, featuring live syntax checking and visual editing options.

Key Features:

  1. File Format Support:
  • Import multiple file formats including JSON, XML, property lists (XML or binary), YAML, and CSV.
  • Export to JSON, XML, YAML, and property list formats, providing flexibility in file conversion.
  1. Visual Editing and Live Syntax Checking:
  • Edit and view JSON through both the source-code and the Data-tree view.
  • Live syntax checking/linter for real-time error identification and notifications.
  1. Source Beautifier:
  • Source beautification feature to enhance the clarity and readability of the code.
  1. Powerful Search Functionality:
  • Advanced search tool to navigate through all tree nodes for swift access to specific nodes.
  • Search-by-path feature for easy access to particular nodes within the file.
  1. Live HTTP Request Tool:
  • HTTP request tool with support for GET/POST requests, including additional headers.

Compatibility: macOS 11.0 or later

JSON Wizard offers a range of functionalities and support for various file formats, making it a useful solution for working with JSON files and their alternatives. For more information, you can explore the JSON Wizard application on its homepage.