Name : JixiPix Watercolor Studio Pro

Size : 496 MB

Download JixiPix Watercolor Studio Pro Mac V- 1.4.17

Watercolor Studio Overview: Watercolor Studio by JixiPix is a digital art application designed to create realistic and customizable watercolor paintings from your photos. The software utilizes advanced rendering techniques to simulate the natural flow and transparency of watercolors. It provides a range of tools and features to customize and enhance your paintings, allowing users to achieve a variety of artistic effects.

Key Features:

  1. Realistic Watercolors:
  • Creates fluid, translucent watercolors with a natural flow, simulating real-world painting techniques.
  1. Rendering System:
  • Built on an advanced rendering system that uses AI and image recognition for realistic watercolor effects.
  1. Customization Tools:
  • Offers a range of sliders, layers, brushes, color washes, and artistic finishes for customizing paintings.
  1. Liquid Slider:
  • Adjusts the wetness of the painting, controlling color bleeding for an ultra-wet style.
  1. Wet Edge Slider:
  • Defines edges with built-up pigment and color that naturally bleeds inward.
  1. Paint Layers:
  • Allows stacking watercolor layers, blending color washes, and brushing in details for unique paintings.
  1. Experimentation:
  • Encourages experimentation with settings to create a variety of artistic effects.
  1. Portrait and Landscape Styles:
  • Offers specific styles for portrait and landscape paintings with fine-tuned details and color options.
  1. Ink Wash:
  • Renders photos into soft, subtle paintings with one-to-three colors, providing an inky or monotone look.
  1. Liquefy Layer:
    • A transparent layer for diluting and bleeding color, simulating the effect of a paintbrush dipped in water.
  2. Color Wash:
    • Blends handmade color washes and textures into the painting, adding warmth, coolness, or dappled light.
  3. Compatibility:
    • macOS 10.12 or later

Homepage: JixiPix – Watercolor Studio