Name : JixiPix Premium Pack

Size : 748 MB

Download JixiPix Premium Pack for Mac 1.2.11

JixiPix Premium Pack Overview:

The JixiPix Premium Pack is a comprehensive collection of 18 creative apps bundled together, offering a wide range of tools for artistic image transformations. From watercolor effects to vintage styles, cartoon illustrations to HDR enhancements, the Premium Pack provides a diverse set of applications to cater to various creative needs.

Included Apps:

  1. Simply HDR:
  • Instantly creates stunning high dynamic range imagery from ordinary subjects.
  1. Snow Daze:
  • Adds snow and frosty effects to photos, creating beautiful snowy scenes.
  1. Vintage Scene:
  • Ages photos using a unique algorithm combined with classic photo filters, providing a nostalgic look.
  1. Aquarella:
  • Transforms images into luminous watercolors with delicate details reminiscent of traditional watercolor media.
  1. Artista Haiku:
  • Converts photos into whimsical stylistic watercolors using non-traditional techniques.
  1. Artista Oil:
  • Turns photos into oil painting masterpieces with a focus on portraiture and fine art.
  1. Artista Sketch:
  • Transforms photos into sketches with wispy lines and delicate shading for a finely rendered drawing.
  1. Artoon:
  • Creates professional-looking cartoons and colorful illustrations with four art-toon styles.
  1. Chalkspiration:
  • Automatically converts images into chalky outlines and light shading with a library of embellishments.
  1. Dramatic B&W:
    • Turns photos into gorgeous black and white photography with extraordinary light, contrast, and form.
  2. Grungetastic:
    • Applies aggressive grunge styles to photos for a distressed and textured look.
  3. Kyoobik Photo:
    • Transforms photos with 3D popping geometric shapes for artistic and creative composition.
  4. Moku Hanga:
    • Creates Japanese wood carved scenes with flowing hand-chiseled outlines and brushed-on color.
  5. NIR Color:
    • Uses near-infrared light technology to create surreal photos with vibrant color filters.
  6. Pop Dot Comics:
    • Generates comic-book style illustrations with thick outlines, bold colors, and bendy dots.
  7. Portrait Painter:
    • Adds color, light, and texture to photos to create gallery-style portraits with professional painting techniques.
  8. Rainy Daze:
    • Applies a stunning rain effect to photos using three powerful styles and an advanced tonal technique.
  9. Romantic Photo:
    • Creates a romantic mood in photos using exquisite lighting and over 30 combinations of photography filters.

Plugin Host Requirements:

  • Adobe Photoshop CS3+, CC, CC 2014, CC 2015, CC 2017, CC 2018, CC 2019, Photoshop Elements 10+, and Lightroom 4+


  • macOS 10.12 or later

Homepage: JixiPix Premium Pack