Name :JixiPix Photo Formation Pro

Size : 132 MB

Download JixiPix Photo Formation Pro Mac V-1.0.20

Photo Formation is a distinctive photo effect that seamlessly blends creative paper manipulations with a sophisticated 3D lighting engine, resulting in captivating images with dynamic shadows. Here are the key features and details:


  • Effortlessly convert images into intricate paper formations.
  • Utilize a 3D light engine to create dynamic shadows, enhancing visual impact.

Creative Manipulations:

  • Fragment, join, weave, slice, and fold photos for eye-catching compositions.
  • Capture subtle creases, curls, and bends, giving images a handmade appearance.

One-Touch Presets:

  • Access a library of one-touch presets for a quick start.
  • Randomize button automatically renders diverse paper creations.

Customization Tools:

  • Move, rotate, and scale tools for personalized compositions.
  • Explore limitless creative possibilities with easy-to-use controls.

Auto Generate:

  • Auto Generate button provides hands-on control for initiating the initial paper effect.
  • Customize the composition by specifying strips, tiles, folds, curl, crinkle, depth, exposure, opacity, texture, and grain.

Powerful Lighting System:

  • 2D-oriented lighting system for true 3D popping folds and creases.
  • Realistic perspective distortions with adjustable lighting for dynamic shadows.
  • Set up multiple light sources for fantastic double and triple shadows.

Versatile Integration:

  • Standalone application for standard use.
  • Plugin integration for Photoshop, Elements, Lightroom, PaintShop Pro, and Affinity Photo.


  • macOS 10.9 or later.

Experience the Power of Photo Formation:
Unleash your creativity with Photo Formation and elevate your photo editing experience. Transform ordinary photos into extraordinary paper formations by exploring the unique blend of creative manipulations and advanced 3D lighting effects. Visit the official website at JixiPix for more information and to discover the full potential of this innovative photo editing tool.