Name : iStatistica Pro

Size : 16 MB

Download iStatistica Pro for Mac V-5.2

iStatistica Pro is a comprehensive system monitoring and performance optimization tool for macOS. It provides real-time information about your Mac’s CPU usage, RAM usage, disk space, battery status, network statistics, and more. Here are some of the key features and functions of iStatistica Pro:

System Monitoring:

  • Get an overview of your Mac’s performance, including CPU usage, memory pressure, and disk usage.
  • View your system’s uptime and monitor battery information, such as cycles, health, and capacity.

Network Statistics:

  • Access real-time network statistics, including external, gateway, and local IP addresses, network speed, and data rate charts.

Web Access:

  • Enable web access in the application settings to track CPU, memory, disk, and sensor statistics over a local area network.
  • Point your web browser to your Mac’s address to access this information remotely.

Storage Visualization:

  • Visualize your storage with exclusive modules for folders and drives.
  • Easily find and remove unneeded files to optimize your disk space.

Network Interfaces Dashboard:

  • Monitor and manage network interfaces with a comprehensive dashboard.

Detailed App Statistics:

  • Get detailed statistics about your running applications, allowing you to track their resource usage over time.

History Tracking:

  • View historical data for CPU and memory usage to analyze performance trends.

Temperature and Fans:

  • Monitor temperature and fan speed statistics for CPU, GPU, and memory to prevent overheating and optimize cooling.

Security and Access Control:

  • Restrict access to the iStatistica Pro information by IP address and passkey to ensure your data’s privacy and security.

iStatistica Pro is a valuable tool for Mac users who want to monitor and optimize their system’s performance, manage their storage, and track network statistics. It offers a range of features that are especially useful for IT professionals, system administrators, and users concerned about their Mac’s health and performance.