Name : GraphicConverter

Size : 261 MB

GraphicConverter for Mac free Download

GraphicConverter is an indispensable image-editing tool designed to handle a wide range of graphic formats. With support for over 200 different graphic-based formats, it empowers users to import, edit, and export images in any of 80 available file formats.

Key Features of GraphicConverter 11:

  1. RAW Developer:
    RAW images are easier to edit due to their extensive data depth. GraphicConverter provides a full-screen dialog for RAW files, offering controls for Exposure, Contrast, and Color Corrections. It also includes controllers for reducing picture noise.
  2. Unpack Archives:
    GraphicConverter allows users to easily view the content of archive files with a double-click. Supported formats include Zip, TAR, TGZ, and more.
  3. Wide Equalization:
    Correct distortions in wide-angle shots by reducing width distortion on the edges of the image.
  4. Gradients:
    Easily create color gradients with up to 10 colors using the new gradient dialog.
  5. Duo-Tone:
    Apply duo-tone effects to images by coloring lighter shades with one color and darker shades with another, resulting in captivating images.
  6. Apple Finder Tags Integration:
    Organize your work more efficiently by directly displaying and changing Finder Tags from within GraphicConverter’s browser using the context menu.

GraphicConverter is compatible with macOS 10.13 or later.

For more information, visit the official homepage of GraphicConverter at