Name : ForkLift

Size : 12 MB

ForkLift for Mac free Download

ForkLift is a powerful file manager and FTP client designed for macOS. Below are the key features and details about ForkLift:


  1. Connection to Remote Servers:
  • Connects to various remote servers, including SFTP, FTP, WebDAV, Amazon S3, Backblaze B2, Google Drive, Rackspace CloudFiles, SMB, AFP, and NFS shares.
  1. File Management Toolbox:
  • Complete toolbox for managing files, including Folder Synchronization, Multi-Rename, Archive handling, Application deleter, and more.
  1. Dual-Pane Interface:
  • Finder-like, dual-pane interface for superior workflow.
  1. Quick Look and Spotlight Search:
  • Includes Quick Look and Spotlight search for efficient file exploration.
  1. Sync Browsing:
  • Syncs browsing between two panes for easier file comparison.
  1. Tabs:
  • Supports tabbed interface for managing multiple directories simultaneously.
  1. Transfer Bandwidth Throttling:
  • Controls transfer bandwidth for optimized file transfers.
  1. Tags Support:
  • Supports macOS Tags for improved file organization.
  1. Dark Mode:
  • Dark mode support for a visually comfortable experience.
  1. Git Support:
    • Includes Git support for version control.
  2. Dual Pane Split:
    • Supports dual-pane split, both vertically and horizontally.
  3. Workspaces:
    • Allows you to save and switch between different workspaces.
  4. File Compare:
    • Supports file comparison with tools like FileMerge, Kaleidoscope, Beyond Compare, and Araxis Merge.
  5. Multilingual Support:
    • Available in multiple languages, including English, German, Hungarian, Polish, Russian, and Ukrainian.

What’s New in Version 4.0.7:

  • Release notes were unavailable at the time of this listing update.

System Requirements:

  • Operating System: macOS 12.0 or later.

Important Note:

  • You need to disable the System Integrity Protection (SIP) to perform the selected Application.