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Download for Mac app GraphicConverter 12.0.7

GraphicConverter is a versatile image-editing program for macOS that provides a wide range of features for importing, editing, and exporting images. It supports a broad array of graphic-based formats, allowing users to manipulate images and export them in various file formats. The program offers high-end editing tools, compatibility with Photoshop-compatible plug-ins, batch conversion capabilities, a slideshow window, batch renaming, and both batch and individual editing of metadata (EXIF, IPTC, XMP). Here are some key features and details about GraphicConverter:

Key Features of GraphicConverter:

  1. Image Import: GraphicConverter can import over 200 different graphic-based formats, making it a versatile tool for working with various image types.
  2. Image Editing: The program offers high-end image editing tools that are perfect for graphic manipulation. Users can perform various image editing tasks to enhance and modify their images.
  3. Export Options: GraphicConverter allows users to export images to any of the 80 available file formats, providing flexibility in saving and sharing edited images.
  4. RAW Developer: GraphicConverter 11 includes features for working with RAW images. It offers full-screen dialogs with controls for Exposure, Contrast, Color Corrections, and picture noise reduction.
  5. Archive Unpacking: The program can unpack archive files, including Zip, TAR, TGZ, and other formats. It allows users to see the contents of archives without the need for additional software.
  6. Wide Equalization: Wide-angle shooting can lead to distortion at the edges of images. GraphicConverter 11 offers a wide-angle equalization feature to reduce this distortion.
  7. Gradients: Users can create color gradients with up to 10 colors using the program’s gradient creation dialog. This feature is helpful for creating background gradients for collages and other projects.
  8. Duo-Tone: Duo-Tone allows users to color their images with two colors, creating a striking effect. Lighter shades are colored with one color, while darker shades are colored with another.
  9. Apple Finder Tags: If you use Finder Tags from Apple to organize your work, GraphicConverter offers support for displaying and changing these tags directly in the browser, simplifying your workflow.

GraphicConverter is compatible with macOS 10.13 or later, ensuring that it can run on Mac computers running macOS High Sierra and newer versions.

Official Homepage:
For more detailed information about GraphicConverter, including pricing and download options, you can visit the official GraphicConverter page on the Lemkesoft website: GraphicConverter Official Homepage.

GraphicConverter is a comprehensive image-editing program for macOS users, offering a wide range of features for image import, editing, and export. It can be a valuable tool for users working with various image formats and seeking to enhance and manipulate their images.