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It seems like you’ve provided information about Unclutter, a utility app for macOS. Unclutter aims to help users keep their desktop organized by providing a convenient space for storing notes, files, and clipboard clips. Here’s a breakdown of the main features mentioned:

  1. Instant, Configurable Access: Unclutter provides quick and configurable access to its features, even in full-screen mode, by moving the pointer to the top of the screen and scrolling down.
  2. Full Multi-Display Support: The application supports multiple displays, allowing users to manage their clutter across different screens.
  3. File Storage: Unclutter helps keep the desktop clean from temporary files by providing a dedicated space for file storage.
  4. Notes: Users can quickly jot down notes using Unclutter, making it a handy tool for capturing thoughts or reminders.
  5. Clipboard Manager: The app includes a clipboard manager that tracks the user’s copy and paste actions, allowing them to browse clipboard history.
  6. Draggable Cards: Unclutter features draggable cards that can stick on top of other windows, offering a convenient way to keep important items visible.
  7. Auto-Sync with Dropbox: Files and notes stored in Unclutter automatically synchronize across all of the user’s Macs via Dropbox, ensuring consistency and accessibility.
  8. Retina Display Support: The app is designed to support Retina displays, providing a high-resolution experience.
  9. Compatibility: Unclutter is compatible with macOS 10.13 or later.
  10. Homepage: The official website for Unclutter is, where users can find more information about the application and potentially download it.

Overall, Unclutter appears to be a versatile tool for users who want a streamlined way to manage files, notes, and clipboard history on their Mac desktop.