Name : Excite Audio Motion Harmonic

Size : 52.77 MB

Download Excite Audio Motion Harmonic for Mac v1.2.0

The MotionHarmonic software offers a dynamic and interactive sound-shaping experience, aimed at infusing movement and creativity into your audio projects. Here’s an overview of its features:

Distortion, Bitcrushing, and Filter Effects: The software combines distortion and filters to deliver versatile effects, allowing for the transformation of audio with elements such as bitcrushing and creative filtering.

Parameter Automation: Multiple parameters can be automated simultaneously, enabling the transformation of loops into continually evolving audio phrases.

Modulation Parameters: Extensive modulation controls permit the creation of evolving textures and animated sound designs.

Harmonic Enhancement: The tool enhances harmonics by focusing on specific transients and frequency ranges through distortion and bitcrushing.

Filter Types: The software features Lo-Pass/Hi-Pass filters and versatile ‘comb-style’ peak filters, enabling the creation of expressive sweeps and sound manipulations.

Innovative Controls: Perform the effects using the ‘Hexagon’ controller and ‘magnetic’ cursor control, offering an innovative and intuitive approach to sound manipulation.

Macro Sliders and Sidechain: Parameters can be assigned to macro sliders or the internal sidechain, allowing for easy and efficient control of various elements.

Visual Representation: The software provides an immersive and reactive 3D object for visualizing the audio, adding an interactive visual element to the sound creation process.

Homepage: MotionHarmonic by Excite Audio

MotionHarmonic appears to be a powerful tool for audio manipulation, offering a diverse range of effects, modulation options, and intuitive controls, making it a promising solution for adding movement and creativity to audio production.