Name : Dehancer Pro 1.0 for Final Cut Pro

Size : 48.7 MB

Download Dehancer Pro 1.0 for Final Cut Pro Mac

Dehancer is a software product designed for film-like color grading, offering a range of plugins that allow you to achieve the look and feel of real photographic and motion picture films. These plugins come with user-friendly controls that simulate the behavior and effects of actual film, providing a unique and authentic color grading experience. Dehancer’s approach to color grading is based on a combination of 30 years of film shooting and darkroom experience, scientific principles, image processing techniques, and a touch of alchemy.

Key Features and Highlights of Dehancer:

  1. Film Emulation: Dehancer offers a wide selection of real photographic and motion picture films that have been meticulously captured and recreated for accurate emulation.
  2. Analog Controls: The plugins provide truly analog-style controls, allowing you to fine-tune your color grading to achieve the desired film-like effect.
  3. Scientific Approach: Dehancer’s development benefits from a scientific approach to color science, image processing, and film emulation, ensuring accuracy and authenticity.
  4. Founder Expertise: The project is led by Pavel Kosenko, a color scientist, photographer, author, and the founder of SREDA Film Lab, one of the largest film laboratories in the former USSR.

Whether you’re working on video projects, films, or other visual content, Dehancer can help you achieve a distinctive and cinematic look. It’s compatible with various video editing and post-production software, such as Final Cut Pro.

For more information and to explore the available Dehancer plugins, you can visit the official Dehancer homepage provided in the link.