Name : Deckset

Size : 87 MB

Download Deckset for Mac 2.0.27

Deckset Overview:

Deckset is a presentation software designed to simplify the process of creating visually appealing presentations. It allows users to focus on their content by converting text written in a preferred text editor into professional-looking slides. With a range of themes and features, Deckset aims to streamline the presentation creation process.

Key Features:

  1. Simple Presentation Creation:
  • Deckset provides a straightforward method for creating presentations. Users can use their favorite text editor to jot down ideas, and Deckset will transform the text into well-designed slides.
  1. Themes:
  • The software comes with ten themes suitable for various occasions, offering a range of styles from playful to serious. These themes are designed to cater to different audience preferences.
  1. Automatic Layout:
  • Deckset offers automatic layout capabilities, ensuring that slides are well-structured and visually appealing. It includes advanced typographic features for enhancing the overall design.
  1. Code Samples:
  • Users can present code samples with syntax highlighting, and the software includes a “scale to fit” feature for optimal code presentation.
  1. Media Integration:
  • Easily incorporate images and videos into presentations, enhancing the visual appeal and engagement of the content.
  1. Image Filters:
  • Deckset includes stunning image filters, allowing users to enhance the visual impact of their presentation slides.
  1. Speaker Notes and Rehearsal Mode:
  • The software supports speaker notes, helping presenters stay organized. Rehearsal mode allows users to practice their presentation with speaker notes.
  1. Markdown Support:
  • Deckset uses Markdown for editing presentations, offering a familiar and efficient way for users to structure and format their content.
  1. Floating Preview Window:
  • A floating preview window provides users with a real-time view of their presentation as they create and edit slides.
  1. Aspect Ratio Adjustment:
    • Users can easily change the aspect ratio to suit different projectors and presentation environments.
  2. Export to PDF:
    • Deckset allows users to export their presentations to PDF format for easy sharing and distribution.
  3. Formula Support (In-App Purchase):
    • Users have the option to purchase formula support as an additional feature for their presentations.

System Compatibility:
Deckset is compatible with macOS 10.13 or later.

Deckset offers a minimalist and efficient approach to presentation creation, allowing users to focus on content without the distraction of complex design tools. With its Markdown support, themes, and media integration, it provides a user-friendly solution for individuals looking to create visually appealing presentations with ease.