Name : DaisyDisk

Size : 9 MB

DaisyDisk for Mac free Download

DaisyDisk is a disk management tool for macOS that enables users to visualize disk usage and free up disk space by quickly identifying and deleting large unused files. Here are some key features of DaisyDisk:

  1. Visual Representation: DaisyDisk scans your disk and presents its contents as a sector diagram, making it easy to identify large files and folders at a glance. The biggest files and folders are immediately visible, allowing users to pinpoint areas of disk space consumption.
  2. Interactive Interface: Users can drill down into folders by clicking on segments of the diagram. Clicking in the center allows users to navigate back up the folder hierarchy. Hovering the mouse over segments reveals the name and path of each file, as well as enclosed files if applicable.
  3. Quick Preview: DaisyDisk allows users to preview file content quickly by hitting the spacebar, without needing to launch another application. This feature enables users to inspect files before deciding whether to delete them.
  4. Collector: Users can drag and drop unnecessary files into a “collector” within DaisyDisk for easy organization. The collector can be expanded to review its contents, and with a single click, users can clean up the collected files.
  5. Compatibility: DaisyDisk is compatible with macOS 10.10 or later, ensuring that users with a wide range of macOS versions can benefit from its features.

Overall, DaisyDisk provides a user-friendly and intuitive solution for managing disk space on macOS systems. Its visual representation of disk usage, interactive interface, and quick preview capabilities make it a valuable tool for identifying and removing large files to free up disk space.