Name : Cycling ’74 Max

Size : 817.16 MB

Cycling ’74 Max 8.6.0 incl. RNBO for Mac free Download

Max is a graphical environment for music, audio, and multimedia, providing an infinitely flexible space to create interactive software. Here are the key features and details about Max:

Key Features:

  1. Objects:
  • Max includes various objects that perform specific functions, such as generating sound waves, representing hardware, or providing a UI for interaction.
  1. Patchcords:
  • Patchcords connect objects, allowing them to share their output with connected objects. This connectivity enables the creation of complex interactions.
  1. Control:
  • Connect UI objects like dials and sliders to control values or display results. Max allows modulation, mapping, and scaling of data for customized outcomes.
  1. Create Software in the Moment:
  • Easily drag in audio clips, manipulate them, and connect effects. Map your patcher with MIDI controllers on the go for real-time interaction.
  1. Expanded Ideas:
  • Max patching starts on a blank canvas, providing a free and flexible environment for building and exploring unique and complex ideas.
  1. Explore Sound without Limits:
  • Design custom synthesizers, manipulate samples with features like timestretch and pitch shifting, and create layered sounds with multichannel audio support.
  1. Make Sound with a Gesture:
  • Max allows the creation of classic synths from scratch or the exploration of unusual sounds through customizable controls like XY controls.
  1. Make Visual Music:
  • Max includes Jitter, offering full-featured video and graphics tools optimized for real-time audiovisual work. Combine audio, sequencing, and modulation with visuals.
  1. Take Max into the World:
  • Max supports connectivity to external hardware and devices, making it versatile for connecting computers to the external world or linking multiple computers.
  1. Prototype and Evaluate:
    • Max is a valuable environment for prototyping, allowing developers to connect development boards to access sensors, knobs, and switches for interaction.
  2. Generate Audio, Video, Code:
    • Use Gen to patch together fine-tuned processes for audio, matrix data, or texture processing. Gen combines procedural commands with visual patching.
  3. Extended Max:
    • Max’s built-in Package Manager provides access to over 50 add-ons, covering computer vision, hardware controller support, and more. Users can extend Max using various programming languages.

System Requirements:

  • Operating System: macOS 11.0 or later.
  • Processor: Apple Silicon or Intel Core.


Max is widely used by performers, composers, artists, scientists, teachers, and students for creating interactive software that reflects individual ideas and creativity. It offers a comprehensive environment for music, audio, and multimedia exploration and creation.