Name : ColorWell

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ColorWell 7.0 for macOS

ColorWell is a beautiful and intuitive color picker and palette generator designed for web and app developers. It provides easy access to color information, on-the-fly code generation for app development, and a customizable color palette database. With a global hotkey or a quick mouse click from the system menu bar, you can quickly access the macOS Color Wheel and grab Hex/HSL/RGB and code snippets from any color source.

Key Features:

  1. Color Palettes:
  • Generate unlimited color palettes with quick access to color information.
  • Editable palette database for archiving and restoring palettes.
  1. MacOS Color Wheel Access:
  • Configure to show the MacOS Color Wheel via a global hotkey or a quick mouse click.
  1. Palette Generator:
  • Generate color palettes from source images by dragging and dropping them into the Generator window.
  • Save generated palettes in the ColorWell Palette database.
  1. Code Snippets:
  • Quickly grab Hex/RGB/HSL and code snippets from any color source.
  • Convert between Hex/RGB and HSL.
  1. Color Conversion:
  • Quickly eyeball any Hex/RGB/HSL color.
  • Quick conversion of Hex/RGB/HSL or the color picker into NSColor/UIColor Objective-C or Swift-ready code.

What’s New in Version 7.0:

  • Complete UI refresh with unlimited color swatches.
  • Swatches can be reordered/removed by drag and drop.
  • New contextual menu to clear all swatches.
  • Swatches can be added directly from the color picker by drag and drop.
  • All color changes to the main color or any of the swatches are now saved to history and can be restored.
  • Palettes are now synchronized to Apple system palettes.
  • Import and export Adobe .ase & Apple .clr files.
  • New icons and improved table insert and remove animations in Palettes table.
  • Color selection for image drops.
  • Hide the image drag and drop panel in the generator view.
  • More tooltips in various key locations in the application.

System Requirements:

  • macOS 10.14.6 or later


ColorWell is a versatile tool for color management and palette generation, making it a valuable addition to the toolkit of web and app developers. For more details or to download the application, you can visit the official homepage: ColorWell.