Name : Boris FX Silhouette

Size : 1.9 GB

Download Boris FX Silhouette for Mac V-2023.0.3

Silhouette 2023: Integrated Node-Based Compositing with Premier Features

Silhouette 2023 stands as the industry’s leading roto and paint tool, integrating over 400 nodes, including acclaimed plugins like Sapphire, Mocha Pro, and Particle Illusion. This sophisticated node-based package has played a pivotal role in major Hollywood productions such as “Dune,” “Spiderman: No Way Home,” “Free Guy,” and “The Mandalorian.” Recognized by prestigious awards like Academy and Emmy technical awards, Silhouette has made a significant mark in the industry.

Key Features:

Packed with Effects Tools:


  • Includes 270+ effect nodes and numerous presets, offering top-tier lighting effects, lens flares, and creative image processing filters for VFX.

Mocha Pro:

  • Now integrated, featuring tools like PowerMesh, Remove, and Stabilize, providing new data ports and node actions to connect with native nodes.

Particle Illusion:

  • Enables the creation of realistic particle simulations, 3D emitters, fluid dynamics, and a vast library of presets within the Silhouette interface. Users can add environmental elements like snow, smoke, and fire seamlessly.

Expanded Filters:

Continuum Nodes:

  • Incorporates select Continuum nodes with fast GPU processing, encompassing Magic Sharp, Beauty Studio, Light Leaks, Video Glitch, Film Glow, and additional blur filters.

New Nodes for Invisible VFX:


  • Utilizes the InPaint node to remove unwanted pixels by generating textures from surrounding image data, ideal for erasing unwanted elements like markers, blemishes, or wires.


  • Enables efficient “reverse warp stabilized” painting or rotoscoping, facilitating beauty work, and painting on skin and fabric surfaces.

Tracking & Roto Enhancements:

  • Features a new Surface tool and updates to DOD for precision and speed.
  • Enhanced Data Port update for better workflows, allowing the Mocha Pro node to pass tracking and spline data within the Silhouette’s node graph.

Node Actions:

  • Allows users to create Mocha generated nodes without launching the UI, saving time with Copy Data, Create Roto Node, and Create Tracker Node actions.

More Tracking Exports:

  • Adds more tracking and roto export formats with the Mocha Pro node, extending support for Nuke, Fusion, Flame, FBX, and Alembic.

Architecture and Speed:

  • Under-the-hood enhancements improve general workflows for professional post-production and VFX studios, with Apple M1 support for speed boosts on the latest Mac hardware.
  • Features improved OCIO v2 color management, GPU rendering, and enhanced ACES support for color-managed projects.

System Requirements:

  • OS: macOS 10.14 or higher
  • CPU: Intel or AMD processor
  • Memory: 8GB or more
  • Graphics: 1GB of graphics memory for film resolution

Homepage: Boris FX – Silhouette