Name : Boris FX Mocha Pro 2023

Size : 289 MB

Download Boris FX Mocha Pro 2023 free v10.0.4.41

Mocha Pro is an acclaimed software essential for planar tracking, rotoscoping, and object removal. It’s widely recognized in the film and TV industry, having contributed to prestigious awards and been used in popular shows like The Mandalorian, Stranger Things, and films like Avengers: Endgame.

What’s New in Mocha 2022:

  1. Performance and Speed:
  • Apple M1 Support: Optimized performance for new Mac hardware.
  • Adobe MFR Support: After Effects Multi-Frame Rendering integration.
  • Upgraded to VFX Platform 2021 for improved color management.
  • Improved Planar Tracking Features: Enhancements for superior tracking and roto results.
  • New Exports for Nuke, Silhouette, Alembic, and Mistika.
  1. Insert Module with PowerMesh:
  • Warped Surface Compositing: Enhanced workflow with mesh tracking for better insert compositing.
  • Motion Blur Rendering: Allows mesh tracking to be rendered with motion blur.
  • Offers a new Grid Warp interface for bending and distorting source elements.
  • Provides streamlined workflow for insert compositing in editing hosts like Premiere, VEGAS, and Media Composer.
  1. Improved Tracking Workflows:
  • Features RGB channel tracking and viewer controls.
  • Multi-link layers and linking mesh tracking to existing planar track layers.
  • Enhanced quick stabilization in viewer by layer for improved roto workflow.
  • Upgraded Dopesheet for keyframe editing and navigation.
  1. Advanced Roto and Export Features:
  • Improved roto exports for Nuke and Silhouette with split track and spline keyframes.
  • Offers new exports like PowerMesh to Nuke Tracker and PowerMesh to Alembic transforms.
  1. PowerMesh:
  • Employs a sub-planar tracking process for VFX and rotoscoping tasks.
  • Tracks warped surfaces and organic objects for better match moves and digital makeup shots.
  • Renders PowerMesh-driven inserts and allows export to various 3D platforms.
  1. Roto and Object Removal:
  • Provides a streamlined workflow for masking using tracked spline tools.
  • PowerMesh helps create accurate masks for organic moving objects.
  1. Screen Inserts, Match Moves, and Stabilization:
  • Enhanced Insert Module driven by PowerMesh for realistic motion blur and improved compositing.
  • Stabilize Module stabilizes camera or object motion.
  • Allows working with lens distortion through the Lens Module for calibration or removal.
  1. 360/VR Capabilities:
  • Provides an easy workflow for mono or stereo clean-ups on equirectangular footage in 360/VR scenarios.

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