Name : Bartender

Size : 12 MB

Download Bartender 4.2.24 for Mac

Bartender is a macOS utility that helps you organize and manage the menu bar apps on your Mac. It offers various features to declutter your menu bar and customize its appearance. Here are the key features of Bartender:

Key Features:

  1. Organize Menu Bar Apps: Bartender allows you to arrange and organize your menu bar apps to your liking. You can hide, rearrange, or move them to Bartender’s Bar, a secondary menu bar created by the app.
  2. Customize Visibility: You have control over when and how menu bar items are displayed:
  • Show the full menu bar with all items visible.
  • Set options to show menu bar items only when they have updates or notifications.
  • Keep selected menu bar items always visible in Bartender’s Bar, ensuring a clean menu bar appearance.
  1. Tidy Menu Bar: Use Bartender to hide menu bar apps that you need to run but don’t need to see constantly. This helps in reducing menu bar clutter and creating a cleaner look.
  2. Rearrange Menu Bar Items: You can rearrange the order of menu bar items according to your preferences, making it easier to access the apps you use most frequently.

System Requirements:

  • macOS 11.0 or later

Bartender is a handy utility for macOS users who want to maintain a tidy and organized menu bar, especially when dealing with numerous menu bar apps. It provides flexibility in managing menu bar items and can help streamline your desktop experience. For more information and to download Bartender, you can visit the official website: Bartender.