Name: Audio Editor

Size : 199 MB

Download Audio Editor Mac v-1.6.2

Audio Editor – Merge, Split And Edit is a sound editing software designed for macOS, providing users with the ability to edit audio files easily. This software offers various features and tools for manipulating audio waveforms. Here are some key features and information about Audio Editor based on the details you provided:

Key Features of Audio Editor:

  1. Audio Editing: Audio Editor allows users to edit audio files by cutting, copying, pasting, and deleting selected areas within the audio waveform. This makes it easy to trim, rearrange, and edit audio content.
  2. Open and Save Audio Files: Users can open and save audio files in various formats, enabling them to work with a wide range of audio sources.
  3. Waveform Editing: The software provides a visual representation of the audio waveform, allowing for precise and visual editing of audio content. This makes it easier to make accurate edits.
  4. Ringtone and Jingle Creation: Users can use Audio Editor to create custom ringtones and jingles by editing and arranging audio clips as needed.
  5. Fine Selection: The software allows for fine selection on the waveform, ensuring that users can make precise edits and selections within the audio file.
  6. Timeline Navigation: Users can zoom in and out of the timeline to find and navigate to specific moments within the audio file, making it convenient for editing tasks.
  7. In-App Purchase: The full version of Audio Editor is available as an in-app purchase.

Audio Editor – Merge, Split And Edit is compatible with macOS 10.13.2 or later, which means it can run on Mac computers with macOS High Sierra and later versions.

Official Homepage:
For more detailed information about Audio Editor, including pricing and download options, you can visit the official Audio Editor page on the iTunes App Store using the provided link: Audio Editor on iTunes.

Audio Editor can be a useful tool for individuals who need to edit and manipulate audio files on their Mac computers. It provides a user-friendly interface and essential audio editing features for tasks like trimming, cutting, and pasting audio clips.