Name : Aiseesoft AnyCoord

Size: 84 MB

Download Aiseesoft AnyCoord for Mac V- 1.0.26

Aiseesoft AnyCoord is a location-changing tool designed to modify the GPS location of an iPhone with a single click. This software is useful for scenarios where users wish to keep their actual location private on social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook or for playing augmented reality (AR) games.

Key Features:

  1. GPS Location Change:
  • Allows users to change their iPhone’s actual GPS location to a virtual location on Windows and Mac computers.
  1. Privacy Protection:
  • Useful for preventing the sharing of real-time location on social media platforms.
  1. AR Gaming:
  • Suitable for playing AR video games that utilize location-based features.
  1. Location Information Entry:
  • Users can manually enter the desired location information into the software.
  1. GPX File Support:
  • Supports importing GPX files to set locations or tracks.
  1. Export GPX Files:
  • Enables the export of GPX files.

What’s New:

  • Version 1.0.26: Release notes were not available at the time of this update.


  • macOS 10.10 or later

Homepage: Aiseesoft AnyCoord