Name : Adobe Photoshop 2024

Size : 4.1 GB

Download Adobe Photoshop 2024 v25.1

Adobe Photoshop is an industry-standard application for image processing and editing. It offers a comprehensive package of professional tools, aiming to inspire and enhance the creative process.

Key Features of Adobe Photoshop:

  1. Linked Resources: Change resources and update them across various projects. Links Creative Cloud Library assets, enabling updates in Illustrator, Photoshop, or InDesign projects.
  2. Artboards: Enhance design efficiency with artboards. Ideal for responsive design across multiple screens, allowing for multiple layouts in various sizes and formats.
  3. Adobe Stock Store: Find, license, and manage royalty-free images and videos within Photoshop. Choose from 40 million assets and save them to Creative Cloud Libraries for project use.
  4. Design Space (Preview): Offers a specialized mode for interactions and features, facilitating work on mobile apps and websites by eliminating unnecessary mouse movements.
  5. Faster Image Export: Redesigned export tools for exporting layers, artboards, or entire documents with a single click. Provides efficient compression, more preview options, and improved web viewing.
  6. Layer Styles: Add up to 10 instances of chosen layer styles and change them at any time, avoiding the need to rasterize effects in different layer groups.
  7. iOS Device Previews: Accurate previews of mobile app or web design with real-time feedback for iOS devices through Adobe Preview.
  8. Healing Brush Performance: Improved performance of the Healing Brush and Patch Tool, rendering effects up to 120 times faster than CS6.
  9. Glyphs Palette: Access and view glyphs available for the font being used and access frequently used glyphs, similar to Illustrator and InDesign.
  10. 3D Object Printing: Generate 3D print-ready PDF and SVX files and submit print jobs directly from Photoshop to 3D Hubs for local 3D print service providers.

New Features:

  • Generative Expand: Utilize the Crop tool to expand canvas and generate multiple versions of the expanded image with text prompts.
  • Global Language Support: Firefly-powered features now support text prompts in 100+ languages, enabling users worldwide to bring their creative vision to life with language preferences.

Compatibility: macOS v10.15 or later, Intel or Apple silicon

For further information or to explore the application, you can visit Adobe Photoshop’s homepage.