Name : Acorn

Size : 20 MB

Download Acorn 7.4.3

Acorn is a macOS image editor designed with simplicity in mind. It offers a fast, easy-to-use, and fluid image editing experience without unnecessary complexity. Here are the key features and functionalities of Acorn:

Image Editing:

  • Acorn provides a range of essential image editing tools, making it easy to perform common editing tasks quickly.

Screenshots and Editing:

  • You can take screenshots using Acorn and edit them right away, streamlining your workflow.

Image Filters:

  • Acorn allows you to chain together image filters to create stunning visual effects for your images.

Layer-Based Editing:

  • The application supports layer-based image editing, which is an industry-standard approach. This allows for greater flexibility and creativity in editing your images.

Built-In iSight:

  • Acorn enables you to create new images and layers using your Mac’s built-in iSight camera.

Canvas Resizing:

  • You can easily resize images and canvases by changing the size of your window.

Full-Screen Editing:

  • Acorn takes advantage of your monitor’s full screen for immersive image editing.

Tablet Support:

  • The application is tablet-sensitive, allowing for pressure strokes and utilizing the tablet’s eraser for precise editing.

Vector Shapes and Text Layers:

  • Acorn supports vector shape and text layers, providing greater flexibility for creating and editing graphics.

Selection Tools:

  • You can make selections using freeform, elliptical, rectangular, and magic wand selection tools.

Gradients and Text Styles:

  • Acorn includes features for creating and applying gradients and custom text styles.

Layer Control:

  • You have control over layer opacity and blending modes for fine-tuning your designs.

Scripting Support:

  • Acorn supports scripting in Python and Objective-C, allowing users to create custom plugins and extend its functionality.

GPU Powered:

  • The application utilizes GPU acceleration for efficient and smooth graphics operations, providing a fast editing experience.


  • Acorn is compatible with macOS 10.14 or later.

Acorn is an ideal choice for users who want an image editing tool that balances simplicity with functionality. It offers essential features for image editing and supports advanced capabilities like layer-based editing, vector shapes, and scripting, making it a versatile tool for a wide range of creative projects.