Name :ACDSee Photo Studio

Size : 181 MB

ACDSee Photo Studio for Mac free Download

ACDSee Photo Studio for Mac is presented as a speedy digital asset manager and RAW processor for managing and enhancing your photo collection. The application provides various tools and features for efficient organization, searching, and adjustment of digital images. Here are key features and information highlighted in the provided details:

  1. Speedy Digital Asset Manager:
  • ACDSee Photo Studio for Mac is positioned as one of the speediest digital asset managers and RAW processors on the platform.
  • The application offers import-free access to images, making it convenient for users to take control of their photo collections.
  1. Efficient Organization:
  • The software provides one-click searches, drag and drop searching, and saved searches for efficient organization of images.
  • Improved Browser History Support allows users to hold down the Back button to view a list of recently browsed folders.
  1. Customizable Batch Operations:
  • ACDSee Photo Studio for Mac includes customizable batch operations, allowing users to apply actions to multiple images simultaneously.
  1. RAW Support:
  • The application supports RAW files from over 550 camera models, providing compatibility with a wide range of digital cameras.
  1. Non-Destructive Adjustments:
  • A full toolkit of non-destructive adjustments is available, allowing users to enhance their images without losing the original quality.
  1. More Ways to Control Your Collection:
  • Easy-Select Tabs enable users to select or deselect multiple folders and subfolders along the file tree.
  • Direct access to iCloud Drive allows easy backup and sharing of files on the iCloud drive directly through ACDSee.
  • Improved keyword management includes pre-loaded frequently-used keyword sets and the ability to import and export established keyword lists.
  • Saved Searches feature enables users to create searches based on specific criteria and access those results with a single click.
  1. Compatibility:
  • ACDSee Photo Studio for Mac is compatible with macOS 12.0 or later.
  1. Version 10.0.3:
  • Release notes for version 10.0.3 were not available at the time of the listing update.
  1. Homepage:
  • For more information and access to the software, users can visit the official homepage at

In summary, ACDSee Photo Studio for Mac is positioned as a comprehensive solution for photographers, offering tools for efficient image organization, quick searches, and non-destructive adjustments. The software’s compatibility with a wide range of camera models and support for RAW files contribute to its versatility as a digital photography resource.