Name : Deskew Technologies Gig Performer

Size : 108.39 MB

Deskew Technologies Gig Performer for Mac Free Download

Gig Performer® is a sophisticated live performance host designed to manage and enhance live music performances. It offers an exceptionally powerful and easy-to-use solution for musicians, providing seamless control over virtual instruments and effects, all within a lightweight and stable platform.

Key Features:

Powerful Audio Plugin Host:

  • Versatile for All Musicians: Ideal for keyboardists, guitarists, bassists, drummers, and Front of House engineers, Gig Performer offers unmatched performance power, ease, and flexibility.
  • Stable Performance: Spend less time on setup and more on making music with a reliable and stable platform designed for live performances.

Professional Sound with a Small Footprint:

  • Simplified Setup: Say goodbye to heavy gear and complex setups. Use your favorite plugins to create studio-quality sounds without the need for extensive hardware.
  • High-Quality Performance: Host studio-quality audio effects with ultra-low latency, delivering clear and professional sound.

Intuitive Sound Management:

  • Easy Sound Creation and Organization: Create, organize, and switch between sounds effortlessly. Focus on your performance without getting bogged down by technical details.
  • Setlists and Song Parts: Organize sounds into setlists and song parts for seamless transitions during your performance.

Freedom from Hardware Limitations:

  • Flexible Effects Chains: Replace bulky pedal boards with flexible effects units within Gig Performer, preserving audio tails and eliminating volume jumps.
  • Unlimited Instruments: Host an unlimited number of virtual instruments, providing convenience and exceptional sound quality.

For Keyboardists:

  • Convenience and Quality: Achieve excellence without multiple heavy keyboards. Host numerous instruments within the software, ensuring convenience and exceptional sound quality.
  • Effortless Sound Management: Create and organize sounds into setlists, moving between them without touching your laptop.

For Guitarists and Bassists:

  • Robust Effects Unit: Say goodbye to heavy pedal boards and create flexible effects chains. Switch sounds with a single button press while preserving audio tails and eliminating volume jumps.

For Front of House Engineers:

  • Studio-Quality Effects: Use studio plug-ins in your live sound workflow with ultra-low latency. Record live performances and save effects on a per-song basis.
  • Enhanced Control: Move beyond the limitations of your sound desk, accessing and showcasing valuable effects with ease.

Focus on Playing, Not Software Control:

  • Bulletproof Performance: Gig Performer allows you to focus on sound design and creativity, ensuring a smooth and reliable live performance.
  • Intuitive Setup: Build sounds quickly and intuitively by connecting plugin blocks with virtual wires, emulating the familiarity of physical cables.

Control What Matters:

  • Essential Controls: Eliminate distractions by controlling only the essential elements of your VST during live performances.
  • Effortless Access: Route audio/MIDI chains to global instruments and effects while maintaining access to other sounds.

Custom Sounds and Setlists:

  • Assign and Reuse Sounds: Easily assign and reuse custom sounds to different parts of a song within your setlist. Switch between sounds with a single touch for an intuitive live performance experience.

Effortless Rig Integration:

  • Quick Setup: Connect your computer to any rig and select your setup in Gig Performer within a minute. Enjoy a stress-free way to integrate with a venue’s back-line rig.

System Requirements:

  • macOS: Requires macOS 10.14 or later.
  • Processor: Compatible with Apple Silicon or Intel Core processors.

For more details and to download Gig Performer, visit the Gig Performer homepage.

Gig Performer provides a revolutionary way to manage and enhance live music performances, offering powerful, flexible, and intuitive tools for musicians of all kinds.