Name : Colibri For Mac V- 2.1.6

Size : 23 MB

Colibri For Mac V- 2.1.6

Colibri is a native macOS audio player designed to provide high-quality and efficient playback of various audio formats. Here are some key features and details about Colibri:

Key Features:

  1. High-Quality Playback: Colibri is built on top of the BASS audio technology, which allows it to offer crystal-clear bit-perfect playback of popular lossless and lossy audio formats.
  2. Minimal Resource Usage: The application is optimized for minimal resource consumption, making it energy-efficient and suitable for use on Mac laptops, helping to save battery power.
  3. Supported Audio Formats: Colibri supports a wide range of audio formats, including FLAC, ALAC, WAV, AIFF, APE, TTA, DSD, WavPack, Ogg Vorbis, MP1, MP2, MP3, AAC, and M4A. It can also handle network streams and online radio.
  4. CUE Sheets: Colibri reads, processes, and to some extent, sanitizes CUE sheets, which are used to organize audio tracks within a single file. It also attempts to extract metadata from audio file headers if the CUE sheet lacks certain information.
  5. Gapless Playback: Colibri is designed to provide true gapless playback, ensuring a smooth listening experience, whether you’re using a CUE sheet or individual audio files.
  6. Playlist Management: The app saves your current playlist upon quitting and restores it when you reopen the app, preserving your song data between sessions.
  7. Privacy-Focused: Colibri respects your privacy and does not collect usage data or modify files. It only remembers your playlist and settings.
  8. Album Art Display: The app displays embedded cover art for FLAC files and uses ID3/iTunes artwork metadata for other formats. It also searches for cover art in the folder where the current song is located.
  9. Menu Bar Integration: Colibri can place an unobtrusive icon in the Menu Bar for easy access to playback controls, song information, and cover art.
  10. Finder Integration: Colibri integrates with macOS Finder, allowing it to appear as an option in “Open With” when you select a supported audio file.
  11. Display Compatibility: The interface elements of Colibri scale smoothly on various screen resolutions and pixel densities.


Colibri is compatible with macOS 10.10 or later.

Mac App Store:

You can download Colibri from the Mac App Store via the following link: Colibri on the Mac App Store.

Colibri is a native macOS audio player that offers a clean and efficient way to enjoy your music library, supporting a wide range of audio formats and providing features like gapless playback, CUE sheet support, and low resource consumption for an improved listening experience on your Mac.