ForkLift for Mac free Download 4.1.4


Name : ForkLift

Size : 13 MB

ForkLift for Mac free Download

ForkLift: The Ultimate File Manager and FTP Client for macOS

ForkLift is a robust file manager and lightning-fast FTP client that combines a versatile user interface with powerful features, providing an optimal workflow for managing files on macOS. It connects seamlessly to various remote servers and local network shares, making it an all-encompassing solution for file management.

Key Features

  1. Wide Range of Server Connections:
  • Supported Protocols: Connect to SFTP, FTP, WebDAV, Amazon S3, Backblaze B2, Google Drive, Rackspace CloudFiles, SMB, AFP, and NFS.
  • Local Network Shares: Access and manage files on any shares connected to your local network.
  1. Comprehensive File Management Tools:
  • Folder Synchronization: Sync folders across different locations with ease.
  • Multi-Rename: Rename multiple files simultaneously using customizable patterns.
  • Archive Handling: Compress and extract files from various archive formats.
  • Application Deleter: Fully uninstall applications along with their related files.
  • Remote Editing: Edit files directly on remote servers.
  1. Enhanced User Interface:
  • Dual-Pane Interface: Split panes vertically or horizontally for easy file transfers.
  • Finder-Like UI: Familiar interface with Quick Look, Spotlight search, and other macOS features.
  • Dark Mode: Switch to dark mode for a comfortable viewing experience.
  1. Advanced Sync and Preview Options:
  • ForkLift Mini: Access ForkLift features from the menu bar.
  • Two-Way Sync: Keep your files synchronized between different locations.
  • Preview and Quick Open: Quickly preview files and open them with a single click.
  1. Performance and Customization:
  • Swift-Based: Rewritten entirely in Swift for enhanced performance.
  • Favorite Sync via Dropbox: Synchronize your favorites across multiple devices.
  • Transfer Bandwidth Throttling: Control the bandwidth used for transfers.
  1. Productivity Enhancers:
  • Tabs and Workspaces: Organize your workflow with tabs and save workspaces.
  • Search Functionality: Search by name, extension, kind, tags, or content.
  • App Deleter: Remove applications and associated files completely.
  • Keyboard Control: Navigate and manage files efficiently using keyboard shortcuts.
  1. Developer and Power User Tools:
  • Git Support: Manage Git repositories directly within ForkLift.
  • Terminal Integration: Open Terminal, iTerm, or Hyper from within ForkLift.
  • Hidden Files: Easily toggle the visibility of hidden files.
  • File Comparison: Compare files using tools like FileMerge, Kaleidoscope, Beyond Compare, and Araxis Merge.
  1. Multilingual Support:
  • Languages: Available in English, German, Hungarian, Polish, Russian, and Ukrainian.

System Requirements and Availability

  • Compatibility: Requires macOS 12.0 or later.
  • Homepage: ForkLift
  • Latest Version: 4.1.4 (Release notes unavailable)

ForkLift is an exceptional tool for anyone needing a powerful, efficient, and user-friendly file manager and FTP client. Its extensive feature set, combined with a familiar macOS interface, makes it a top choice for both casual users and professionals alike. Whether you need to manage local files, connect to remote servers, or perform advanced file operations, ForkLift provides the tools and flexibility to get the job done.

Allavsoft Video Downloader Converter Mac v-


Name : Allavsoft Video Downloader Converter

Size : 95 MB

Allavsoft Video Downloader Converter for Mac Free Download

Allavsoft: Comprehensive Video Downloader and Converter

Allavsoft is a powerful video downloader and converter that supports downloading a wide range of video content from more than 100 video-sharing websites, including popular sites like Facebook, Dailymotion, and eHow. This tool not only downloads videos in their original format but also offers the convenience of converting them to various popular video and audio formats.

Key Features

  1. Extensive Downloading Capabilities:
  • Multiple Sources: Download movies, music videos, playlists, sports videos, lectures, and more from over 100 video-sharing sites.
  • High-Quality Downloads: Supports downloading videos in various qualities, including ultra-high definition (4K), 3D video, HD 2k, HD 1080p, HD 720p, and standard definition 480p, 360p, and 240p.
  1. Video Conversion:
  • One-Click Conversion: Download and convert videos to popular formats like MP4, AVI, WMV, MOV, MPEG-1, MPEG-2, VOB, ASF, RMVB, DV, TS, Apple ProRes, WebM, FLV, and OGV.
  • Audio Extraction: Extract and download audio from online music videos or movies, converting to formats like MP3, WMA, WAV, AAC, Apple Lossless M4A, AIFF, RA, FLAC, OGG, and AU.
  1. Batch Processing:
  • Multiple URLs: Supports adding multiple video URLs for batch downloading and converting.
  • Ad Detection: Automatically detects and skips advertisements during downloads.
  1. Convenient Features:
  • Built-in Player: Preview and playback downloaded video files with the built-in video player.
  • Breakpoint Resume: Pause and resume downloads at any time, ensuring convenience and flexibility.
  • Post-Download Actions: Set your computer to shut down automatically after completing all download tasks.
  • Download History: Keeps a history of all downloads for easy reference.

System Requirements

  • Compatibility: macOS 10.10 or later


Allavsoft provides a robust and user-friendly solution for downloading and converting online video and audio content. Its support for multiple formats, high-quality downloads, batch processing, and convenient features make it an ideal choice for users looking to manage their media files efficiently.

Downie for Mac free Download 4.7.18


Name : Downie

Size : 50 MB

Downie for Mac free Download

Downie: A Simple and Effective Video Download Manager for macOS

Downie is a user-friendly download manager designed to help you quickly and easily save videos from a variety of websites to your local disk drive. It is especially useful for users with slow internet connections, allowing them to download videos and watch them offline using their preferred media player.

Key Features

  1. User-Friendly Interface:
  • Drag and Drop: Simply drag and drop the video URL onto Downie’s main window or Dock icon to start downloading.
  • Download List Management: Easily add, start, and remove items from the download list.
  1. Flexible Download Options:
  • Format and Location: By default, Downie downloads videos as MP4 files to your default Downloads folder. These settings can be customized via the Preferences window.
  • Post Processing: Options to convert downloads to MP4 if necessary or to extract audio only.
  1. Extensive Website Support:
  • Wide Range of Sites: Supports downloading from over 400 video hosting websites, including popular ones like YouTube, Apple, LiveLeak, Vimeo, and BBC.
  • Request New Sites: If a particular website is not supported, users can send a request to the Downie developers directly from the app.
  1. Browser Integration:
  • Extensions: Offers matching extensions for popular web browsers such as Firefox, Safari, Google Chrome, and Chromium. These add-ons can be installed from the Preferences window as needed.
  1. Performance:
  • Offline Viewing: Ideal for users with slow internet connections, allowing them to download and view videos offline without interruptions.

System Requirements

  • Compatibility: macOS 10.12.6 or later


Downie provides a straightforward solution for downloading video content hosted online, ensuring a smooth experience even for those with less than optimal internet speeds. Its intuitive interface, extensive website support, and flexible download options make it a valuable tool for anyone looking to save online videos for offline playback.

Keka for Mac free Download 1.4.0


Name : Keka

Size : 32 MB

Keka for Mac free Download

Keka: A Full-Featured File Archiver for macOS

Keka is a comprehensive file archiver for macOS, designed to be both powerful and user-friendly. It supports a wide range of compression and extraction formats, making it an essential tool for managing your files efficiently.

Key Features

  1. Easy File Compression:
  • Multiple Formats: Compress files into various formats including 7Z, ZIP, TAR, GZIP, BZIP2, XZ, LZIP, and ISO.
  • Simple Interface: Just drag and drop files to the Keka icon in the Dock or main window to compress them.
  • Password Protection: Secure your compressed files with passwords.
  • File Splitting: Easily divide large files into smaller parts for easier sharing and storage.
  1. Versatile File Extraction:
  • Wide Format Support: Extract files from formats like 7Z, ZIP, RAR, TAR, GZIP, BZIP2, XZ, LZIP, DMG, ISO, LZMA, EXE, CAB, WIM, PAX, JAR, APK, APPX, XPI, IPA, CPGZ, CPIO, and more.
  • Simple Extraction: Double-click on any supported compressed file to extract it using Keka, or drag and drop the file to the Keka icon.
  1. User-Friendly Experience:
  • Intuitive Design: Keka’s design is straightforward, ensuring that even users with minimal technical expertise can easily compress and extract files.
  • Dock Integration: The seamless Dock integration allows for quick access and operation directly from your desktop.

Supported Formats

  • Compression: 7Z, ZIP, TAR, GZIP, BZIP2, XZ, LZIP, ISO

System Requirements

  • Compatibility: OS X 10.10 or later


Keka is the go-to solution for anyone needing a reliable and straightforward file archiver on macOS. Its extensive format support and user-friendly interface make it ideal for both everyday users and professionals needing robust file compression and extraction capabilities.

Master of Typing 3 – Practice for Mac 3.14.4


Name : Master of Typing 3 – Practice

Size : 122 MB

Master of Typing 3 – Practice for Mac free Download

Master of Typing 3: Advanced Touch Typing Course

Master of Typing 3 is a comprehensive touch typing course designed to help users master fast typing techniques using all ten fingers. The course offers a structured and effective approach to increasing typing speed and accuracy.

Key Features

  • Variety of Exercises:
  • Letters & special characters
  • Words & phrases
  • Customizable Difficulty Levels:
  • Manually select difficulty levels and lessons
  • Auto Difficulty mode to automatically progress to the next lesson upon successful completion
  • Ability to focus on specific lesson sections using left/right arrow keys
  • Skill Assessment:
  • Multiple levels of exams to test new skills
  • Detailed statistics including best & average speed and accuracy
  • Tips system for continuous improvement
  • Enhanced Learning Experience:
  • AI-powered dictation mode: Dictate text or select suggested text and type it at dictation
  • Smart timer: Automatically stops when you click outside the app window, allowing you to resume exercises at any time
  • Three themes: Light, Dark, and East for a comfortable typing environment
  • Swipe and hotkeys for quick window switching
  • Colored keyboard scheme to help memorize finger positions
  • Multilingual Support:
  • English (QWERTY)
  • Russian (ЙЦУКЕН)
  • Spanish
  • French (AZERTY)
  • German (QWERTZ)
  • Italian

In-App Purchases

  • Full Pack + No Ads: Unlocks all features and removes advertisements


  • Operating System: Requires macOS 10.13 or later

For more information and to download Master of Typing 3, visit the Mac App Store.

Master of Typing 3 is ideal for anyone looking to improve their typing speed and accuracy, whether for personal development, professional use, or educational purposes.

SQLPro for SQLite for Mac 2024.31


Name : SQLPro for SQLite

Size : 26 MB

SQLPro for SQLite for Mac free Download

SQLPro for SQLite: Advanced SQLite Editor

SQLPro for SQLite is a sophisticated SQLite editor designed to provide an intuitive and powerful environment for managing SQLite databases. Whether you’re performing basic database operations or advanced tasks, SQLPro for SQLite has the features you need.

Key Features

  • User-Friendly Interface: An easy-to-navigate interface that makes database management straightforward.
  • Syntax Highlighting and Query Intellisense/Auto-Complete: Helps improve query writing efficiency and accuracy.
  • Advanced Multi-Query Execution: Execute multiple queries simultaneously for enhanced productivity.
  • Customizable Themes: Choose from multiple included themes or design your own to personalize your workspace.
  • Automatic External Change Detection: Automatically reloads a database when it detects modifications made outside of SQLPro.
  • Version Integration: Roll back to previous versions if changes to your database need to be undone.
  • Runtime Loadable Extension Support: Extend the functionality of SQLPro with runtime loadable extensions.
  • Semiautomatic Dependency Resolution: Simplifies the management of database dependencies.
  • Data Export Options: Export your data to various formats, including CSV, MySQL, XML, and JSON.
  • Backwards Compatibility: Supports SQLite 2 databases, ensuring you can work with older database files.
  • Fullscreen Support: Utilize fullscreen mode for a more immersive database management experience.
  • Column Reordering and Inline Filters: Customize the display of your data with column reordering and inline filters.

Try Before You Buy

  • Free Read-Only Version: If you want to test the application before purchasing, you can try the free read-only version.


  • Operating System: Requires macOS 10.12 or later.

For more information and to download SQLPro for SQLite, visit the Mac App Store.

SQLPro for SQLite is ideal for database administrators, developers, and anyone needing a robust and feature-rich SQLite management tool.

Invisor for Mac Download 3.26


Name : Invisor

Size : 19 MB

Invisor for Mac free Download

Invisor is a powerful tool designed to display detailed technical information about video, audio, and photo files. It supports a wide range of file formats and provides in-depth metadata analysis, making it an essential utility for media professionals and enthusiasts.

Key Features

  • Wide Format Support:
  • Video and Audio: MPEG-1/2/4, Matroska, WMV, XVID, AVI, MXF, MOV, MJPEG, MP3, AAC, Vorbis, AC-3, DTS, WMA, ALAC, FLAC, PCM, and more.
  • Photo: JPEG, TIFF, PNG, and various raw formats from different camera manufacturers.
  • Detailed Information Display:
  • Provides comprehensive details about the file’s container and media streams, including subtitles and chapters.
  • Displays extensive metadata for photos, including EXIF, IPTC, GPS, XMP, and MakerNote tags.
  • Comparison and Export:
  • Allows comparison of collected data between different files.
  • Export data in various formats: Text, HTML, XML, JSON, and CSV.
  • Comparison tables can be exported to CSV for further analysis.
  • Privacy Protection:
  • Includes a feature to remove geolocation metadata from photos and MPEG-4 (QuickTime) movies, ensuring privacy when sharing media files.


  • Operating System: Requires OS X 10.7.3 or later.

For more information and to download Invisor, visit the Invisor homepage.

Invisor is an invaluable tool for anyone needing detailed media file information and metadata management, offering extensive format support and robust data export capabilities.

Rectangle Pro for Mac 3.0.28


Name : Rectangle Pro

Size : 10 MB

Rectangle Pro for Mac free Download

Rectangle Pro is an enhanced window management tool for macOS, building on the features of Hookshot. It enables faster and more efficient window snapping and organization, making it an invaluable tool for power users and multitaskers.

Key Features:

  • 16 Window Sizes & Positions: Snap windows into 16 predefined sizes and positions for quick organization.
  • Keyboard Shortcuts: Use customizable keyboard shortcuts to move and resize windows instantly.
  • Drag to Screen Edges: Snap windows by dragging them to the edges of the screen, making window management intuitive.
  • Cursor-Based Movement: Move and resize windows by holding a key and moving your cursor, streamlining window adjustment.
  • Snap Under Cursor: Snap windows under your cursor, even if they are not currently in focus.
  • Custom Shortcuts: Create custom shortcuts for any window size and position to suit your workflow.

Advanced Customization:

  • Multiple Windows: Move multiple windows with a single command, enhancing productivity during complex tasks.
  • Customizable Actions: Define your own actions and shortcuts for a highly personalized window management experience.

System Requirements:

  • macOS Compatibility: Requires macOS 10.15 or later.
  • System Integrity Protection: Disabling System Integrity Protection (SIP) may be necessary for certain functions.

How to Disable System Integrity Protection (SIP):

  1. Restart your Mac: Hold down Command (⌘) + R to enter Recovery Mode.
  2. Open Terminal: From the Utilities menu, select Terminal.
  3. Disable SIP: Type csrutil disable and press Return.
  4. Restart: Restart your Mac to apply the changes.

Homepage and More Information:

For more details, updates, and support, visit the Rectangle Pro Homepage.

Rectangle Pro enhances your macOS experience by providing powerful window management tools, helping you maintain an organized and efficient workspace with ease.

Parallels Toolbox Business Edition 6.7.0


Name : Parallels Toolbox Business Edition

Size: 800 MB

Parallels Toolbox Business Edition for Mac free Download

Parallels Toolbox offers a comprehensive suite of over 30 tools designed to enhance productivity and efficiency on macOS. This versatile software caters to a wide range of users, including creative professionals, students, small business owners, IT managers, and multitaskers, providing an easy-to-use interface without the need for complex system configurations.

Key Features:

System Utilities:

  • Airplane Mode: Quickly disable all wireless communications.
  • Alarm: Set alerts with custom notifications and sounds.
  • Archive: Create compressed, password-protected archives from multiple files.
  • Clean Drive: Scan and remove unnecessary files to free up disk space.
  • Clipboard History: Store and manage clipboard items for up to 30 days.
  • Find Duplicates: Identify and remove duplicate files.
  • Free Memory: Optimize memory usage and release inactive memory.
  • Hidden Files: Toggle the visibility of hidden files and folders.
  • Lock Screen: Instantly lock your screen for security.
  • Uninstall Apps: Thoroughly remove applications and their associated files.
  • World Time: View local times for cities worldwide in the menu bar.

File and Media Management:

  • Capture Area, Screen, or Window: Take screenshots of selected areas, windows, or the entire screen.
  • Convert Video: Convert videos to formats compatible with iPhone or iPad.
  • Download Audio/Video: Download media files from the internet.
  • Eject Volume: Unmount all mounted volumes, including external drives and network volumes.
  • Make GIF: Create animated GIFs from videos.
  • Resize Images: Resize images and convert them to different formats.
  • Screenshot Page: Capture entire webpages in PDF, PNG, or JPEG formats.
  • Unarchive: Unpack various archive formats, including 7z, RAR, RPM, XAR, and Z.

Productivity Enhancers:

  • Do Not Disturb: Disable notifications and animations to focus on tasks.
  • Do Not Sleep: Prevent the computer from sleeping or dimming the display.
  • Launch: Open multiple items (apps, documents, links) simultaneously.
  • Presentation Mode: Minimize distractions during presentations by blocking notifications and hiding desktop icons.
  • Sleep Timer: Set a countdown to put the computer to sleep or shut it down.
  • Stopwatch: Measure elapsed time with start, stop, and reset functionalities.
  • Timer: Set a countdown timer with a notification sound.
  • Switch Resolution: Quickly change display resolutions and orientations from the menu bar.

Multimedia Tools:

  • Audio Trimmer: Trim audio files.
  • Audio Joiner: Merge multiple audio files.
  • Audio Mixer: Mix different audio tracks.
  • Voice Changer: Adjust the tempo and pitch of audio files.
  • Noise Reduction: Reduce background noise in audio files.
  • Audio Governor: Control audio playback speed.
  • Record Area, Screen, or Window: Record video from selected areas, windows, or the entire screen with audio.
  • Record Audio: Record audio using the Mac’s built-in or external microphone.
  • Take Photo/Video: Capture photos or videos using the Mac’s camera.

Additional Features:

  • Date Countdown: Set up countdowns to specific dates with visual reminders.
  • Energy Saver: Extend battery life by enabling energy-saving settings.
  • Hide Desktop: Hide all icons on the desktop with a single click.
  • Hide Menu Icons: Hide unused menu bar icons for a cleaner interface.
  • Mute Microphone: Mute the microphone to prevent unauthorized listening.


  • macOS: Requires macOS 10.14 or later.
  • Processors: Compatible with both Apple Silicon and Intel Core processors.
  • Homepage: For more information, visit Parallels Toolbox.

Parallels Toolbox simplifies daily tasks with a wide array of tools, offering an all-in-one solution that replaces the need for multiple individual applications, enhancing your Mac experience with a single click.

Watermark Sense for Mac 1.4.3


Name : Watermark Sense

Size 10 MB

Watermark Sense for Mac free download

Watermark Sense is a powerful application designed to help you protect your intellectual property, promote your brand, and add informational overlays to multiple images simultaneously. It offers extensive customization and automation capabilities, making it ideal for both professional and casual users who need to watermark a large number of images efficiently.

Key Features:

Comprehensive Watermarking:

  • Text and Image Watermarks: Supports both types, giving you flexibility in how you mark your images.
  • Customizable Appearance: Adjust watermark opacity, choose blending modes, apply shadows, and replicate watermarks for creative results.
  • Metadata-Based Text Watermarks: Generate text watermarks from image EXIF/IPTC metadata for automated and informative overlays.
  • Flexible Blending Options: Achieve the desired visual effect with a rich set of fine-tuning options.

Batch Processing:

  • Custom Presets: Save watermark configurations and export settings as presets. Apply multiple watermarks or save images with different watermarks in a single batch operation.
  • Live Preview: See the final watermarked image in real-time, ensuring the output meets your expectations.
  • Manual Positioning: For better control, manually position watermarks on individual images with the option to synchronize positioning across multiple images.

Additional Features:

  • Batch Rotation and Flipping: Rotate and flip images in bulk.
  • Metadata Editing: Edit EXIF/IPTC metadata as part of the batch process.
  • Powerful Renaming: Rename files during the batch processing for better organization.

Resize Sense Integration:

  • Seamless Integration: Works with Resize Sense, a batch image resizing and cropping utility, to form a comprehensive image processing toolset. Together, they offer a robust solution for web publishing and other image processing needs.


  • macOS: Requires macOS 10.10 or later.
  • Homepage: For more information, visit Watermark Sense.

Watermark Sense is an efficient tool for batch watermarking, providing a range of customization options and automation capabilities that save time and enhance productivity. Its integration with Resize Sense further extends its functionality, making it a valuable asset for anyone needing to process large quantities of images.

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