Name : Caffeinated

Size : 10 MB

Caffeinated For Mac Free Download V-2.0.3

Caffeinated is a utility application designed to prevent your Mac’s screen from going to sleep when you want to keep it active. It offers various features to help you manage and customize the screen sleep behavior on your Mac. Here are some of the key features of Caffeinated:

  1. One-Click Activation: You can easily activate Caffeinated with just one click on its menu bar icon. Additionally, you have the option to activate it with a left-click or right-click, providing flexibility in how you enable it.
  2. Menu Bar Integration: Caffeinated is conveniently managed through its menu bar icon, allowing you to access important timer options and settings directly from the menu.
  3. Integrated Timer: The app includes a built-in timer with optional notifications. This feature lets you specify a time duration for how long you want to keep your Mac awake before it returns to its normal sleep behavior.
  4. Optimized for Retina Screens: Caffeinated is designed to work well with Retina screens, ensuring a high-quality user experience on compatible Macs.
  5. Compatibility with Dark Mode: The app is compatible with macOS Dark Mode, so it seamlessly integrates with your system preferences.
  6. Resource-Friendly: Caffeinated is designed to be gentle on your Mac’s RAM and processor, ensuring it doesn’t negatively impact your system’s performance.
  7. Auto-Activation: You can set the app to automatically activate when connecting your Mac to a charger or deactivate when the battery level drops below a certain threshold (e.g., 20%).
  8. Syncs with System Accent Colors: The app can synchronize with your system’s accent colors, providing a cohesive look and feel.
  9. Compatibility: Caffeinated is compatible with all modern macOS versions, including macOS Catalina and newer.
  10. Localization: The app is available in multiple languages to cater to a global audience.


  • macOS 13.0 or later

To learn more about Caffeinated and download it, you can visit the official Apple App Store page: Caffeinated on the App Store

Caffeinated is a convenient tool for Mac users who want to control and customize their screen sleep settings to prevent it from going to sleep when not desired.