Name : Audio Hijack

Size : 33 MB

Audio Hijack for Mac free Download

Audio Hijack is a versatile audio recording tool that allows you to capture audio from various sources on your Mac. Whether it’s application audio, device audio, or system-wide audio, Audio Hijack can record it all. Here are some key features and highlights of Audio Hijack:

Record Any Audio Source:

  • Capture audio from any application, including VoIP calls from Skype, web streams from Safari, and more.
  • Record audio from hardware devices like microphones, mixers, and other input devices.
  • Capture all system audio heard on your Mac at once using the System Audio source.

More Great Features:

  • Record audio in popular formats like MP3 and AAC, or in perfect-fidelity formats like AIFF, WAV, ALAC, or FLAC.
  • Reuse configured Sessions for consistent recording setups.
  • Organize recordings easily with the Recordings tab for quick access.
  • Schedule timed recordings for convenience.
  • Automatically stop recording, split to a new file, or remove audio when silence is detected.
  • Enjoy bulletproof recording to prevent data loss during power outages or crashes.
  • Intuitive audio grid interface provides a clear view of your audio flow.
  • Access gorgeous audio effects with ease.
  • Time shift your audio by pausing, delaying, and rewinding live audio.

System Requirements:

  • macOS 10.14.4 or later

With its thoughtful interface and comprehensive features, Audio Hijack is an essential tool for recording audio on your Mac. Whether you’re a podcaster, musician, or simply need to capture audio from various sources, Audio Hijack has you covered.

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