Name : Adobe Indesign 2023

Size: 968 MB

Adobe Indesign 2023 18.3

Adobe InDesign 2023 is a powerful page design and layout application. InDesign is known for its capabilities in creating various types of documents for both print and digital media. Here’s a breakdown of what you’ve mentioned:

  1. Page Design and Layout: Adobe InDesign is a leading application for designing and laying out pages for print and digital media. It allows users to create visually appealing documents, including posters, books, digital magazines, eBooks, interactive PDFs, and more.
  2. Standout Layouts: InDesign is known for helping users create layouts that are eye-catching and dynamic, making the content stand out.
  3. New Features – Footnotes: The 2020 version of InDesign introduced new features, one of which is the addition of footnotes. This feature is particularly useful for academic and publishing purposes.
  4. Improvements to OpenType: OpenType is a font format that supports advanced typographic features. InDesign’s improvements to OpenType likely enhance the application’s support for typography, allowing for more creative and complex text layouts.
  5. Control Scale Arrow Pointers: This feature suggests that InDesign allows for precise control over the scaling and placement of arrow pointers, which could be especially useful in designing diagrams and illustrations.
  6. Simplified Search with Adobe Stock: Adobe Stock is a platform that offers a vast collection of stock photos, videos, and other assets. InDesign likely integrated a simplified way to search for and incorporate Adobe Stock assets directly into designs.
  7. New Features in Creative Cloud Libraries: Adobe Creative Cloud Libraries allow users to store and manage design assets such as graphics, colors, and character styles. InDesign might have introduced new features to enhance the functionality of these libraries.
  8. Improvements in Creative Cloud Assets: This suggests that InDesign possibly improved its integration with the broader Creative Cloud ecosystem, making it easier to access and manage assets across various Adobe applications.
  9. Access to Typekit Marketplace: Typekit, now known as Adobe Fonts, provides a wide range of fonts for creative projects. Access to the Typekit Marketplace within InDesign could facilitate the exploration and acquisition of fonts.
  10. Integration with Animate 2022: This points to a potential integration between Adobe InDesign and Adobe Animate 2022, another Adobe application used for creating interactive animations and multimedia content.
  11. Additional Features: The statement “And more other” suggests that there might be additional features introduced in Adobe InDesign 2023 that are not explicitly mentioned in this description.

Overall, Adobe InDesign 2020 seems to offer a suite of features aimed at enhancing the design and layout process for various types of media, along with improved integration with other Adobe products and resources. Please note that these details are based on the information you provided and might not be up-to-date if there have been newer versions of InDesign released after jun 2023.

The system requirements you’ve provided are for Adobe InDesign on a Mac computer. These requirements outline the minimum specifications needed to run Adobe InDesign effectively on your Mac:

  1. Operating System: Mac OS 13.0 or above. This means that Adobe InDesign is compatible with macOS 13.0 and any subsequent versions.
  2. Installed Memory (RAM): A minimum of 2 GB of RAM is required. However, for optimal performance, it’s recommended to have more RAM, especially if you plan to work on complex projects or use other resource-intensive applications simultaneously.
  3. Free Hard Drive Space: At least 500 MB of free hard drive space is needed for installing and running Adobe InDesign. Keep in mind that additional space might be required for storing project files, fonts, and other assets.
  4. Processor (CPU): Adobe InDesign requires an Intel 64-bit Processor. This is a common type of processor found in modern Mac computers.
  5. Monitor Resolution: A monitor with a resolution of 1280×1024 is recommended. This resolution ensures that you have sufficient screen space to work comfortably within Adobe InDesign’s interface.

These system requirements provide a basic guideline for ensuring that Adobe InDesign runs smoothly on your Mac. If you’re planning to work on more complex projects or utilize advanced features, consider exceeding these minimum requirements for a better user experience.

It’s worth noting that software requirements can change with updates and newer versions, so it’s a good idea to check Adobe’s official website or documentation for the most up-to-date information before installing any software.